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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanfanatic, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. SalmonSlayer

    SalmonSlayer Starter

    Ok I was wrong. I can admit it. But I'm just trying to say Tammy should never be mentioned in the same sentence as those two HOF legends
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  2. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Pro Bowler

    “Hooray the titans are winning!!”
    Might just be me though.
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  3. Statz916

    Statz916 Starter

    Def not #1. Mary fans will never say it was MMfault. They still think all the sacks are due to our oline n not him holding onto the ball for so long. Granted its both reasons but u wont hear that from a supporter.

    Im guessing #2 all day
  4. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb RTR

    Followed immediately by visiting a QB guru to fix his god awful footwork.
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  5. SalmonSlayer

    SalmonSlayer Starter

    Yeah, chit happens when you don't have the right or good coaches around to help develop you. It's the titans way.
  6. CalgaryTitansFan

    CalgaryTitansFan Starter

    Fair enough, and totally agree with you. But I would say he's a much better passer than Mariota.
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  7. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb RTR

    We all know the OL and scheme are not good. And Tannehill is basically a carbon copy of Mariota statistically through his career. So I don't really expect much to change. But we can't keep playing Marcus with how awful he's been. At some point you have to tell a guy that this play is just not acceptable.

    Both guys take a ton of sacks per pressure, but at least Tannehill looked like he could get the ball out of his hands and get the ball to playmakers. If he can just get the ball to Davis and Brown, this offense might score a few points.

    All we have to do is score 20 a game and the D will do the rest anyways. We don't need a star, just average play. Marcus wasn't even close to that.
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  8. SalmonSlayer

    SalmonSlayer Starter

    Yes, I agree he throws a much better ball for sure.
  9. Daqueef

    Daqueef Special Teams Standout

    Goff isnt that better than THill. When the pockett collapses hes one if not the worst starting QB in the league...

    McVay does a very good job masking his weaknesses.

    Sooner he will be exposed of who he truely is:

    Whitworth is now 37, the oldest left tackle in the league by a wide margin.

    As to the Kupp argument, it isnt how his stats went dramaticially down, is how bad Goff performed without him. He’s left a number of throws on the field, including two would-be touchdown passes against the Eagles that could have turned the result last year. And there were numerous times during the Bears loss where Goff had options open but couldn’t read Chicago’s coverage and figure out where to go with the ball.

    Quarterbacks who get elite money are paid to win their team games and make plays that aren’t necessarily there to make. Right now, Goff isn’t doing either. He is the reason the Rams are losing, and, even at his best, he’s never consistently been THE reason they’ve won games.
  10. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    Bullcrap. You're telling me that in his time at Oregon, and through three coaching regimes in Tennessee, nobody has worked with him on his footwork?

    I mean, this isn't pee wee. Marcus is a grown ass man. If the Titans aren't coaching his footwork (of course they were) he could go hire a guru with the millions he's been paid. Hell, he could watch a freaking youtube video.

    We all know what really happened. He was coached. He did it right in practice when he's wearing the red jersey. But as soon as large men try to hit him, he panics and reverts back to his old ways.
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