Titans make it official ink Wimbley

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    Saw this on ESPN....the biggest thing is that while Anderson could've been a better fit, this guy thinks Wimbley is a MUCH better player

    Here are Scouts Inc. reports on each:
    "Wimbley is definitely more effective going forward than he is dropping into coverage and has excellent acceleration coming off the edge. He has developed some counter moves as a pass-rusher, which makes his speed even more effective. He is starting to learn how to use his hands to control and defeat blockers. He has a lot of raw natural tools and is starting to learn to integrate techniques."

    "Anderson was able to rack up ten sacks in his first season and got edge pressure on Eli Manning in the Super Bowl. Anderson has average size, good athleticism and deceptive strength. He has very good speed and quickness coming off the edge in passing situations. He shows good range in pursuit and can chase down ball carriers from the backside. He isn't stout defending the run and is more of a finesse player."

    Which is a better fit for the Titans?

    I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.

    “Both are good pass-rushers, but Anderson is the better fit in the 4-3, where as Wimbley is a better 3-4 OLB,” Williamson said. “Wimbley is much better though and one of the better 3-4 OLB edge rushers around, in my opinion, while Anderson is the better fit for Tennessee’s scheme.”
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    Most definitely.
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    Weird signing, to an expensive contract. Wimbley has always played LB and is at his best as an SLB in a 3-4. He's a thin DE, around 250-260lb, but 6'4".
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    Not a bad consolation prize when compared to what Mario got from Buffalo. It'll be interesting to see how we use him in our D.
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    This is the only thing that makes me uneasy about this signing. Now I love Wimbley..I've seen him play and I think hes a great young player...and i'm certainly not upset about the titans signing him. However..(to my knowledge) hes pretty much only played in the 3-4 in the NFL (DE at Florida St) because of his size. So its one of those..yea this can end up great ! Or it could end up a disaster because we're moving him out of his regular NFL position..or maybe they're planning to use him as an OLB replacing the aging Witherspoon?

    I have heard that he has great burst..quick hands..and can get off the ball quick. So maybe playing with his hand in the dirt will work out fine..
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    I like the signing but we still just have 3 DE's on the roster. I wouldnt' be surprised if we trade for Freeney.

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    There is still a draft you know. And don't be surprised if Pannel Egboh makes the team and makes some noise. He's 6'6" 280 and runs a sub 5.0 40.

    This guy has only been playing football for a few years, so there's only room for improvement.
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    The Raiders like most 3-4 teams used an even front when in extra DB formations and Wimbely rushed the passer as a DE. Had he been strickly a DE he would have had more sacks. He is very disruptive and gets a bunch of QB pressures. The only draw back is he isn't great against the run. Still, I think he has a chance to start as a DE on the weak side but even if he only plays nickel and dime packages he will still play 60% of the snaps or more. We just need to get another guy just like him to play the other side in those packages. Here is a great breakdown from another board.


    Watch the video.
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    I thought Egboh should have made the roster last year. I like him alot
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