Titans Invite 20 UFA Rookies

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    SUMMARY: The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with the following undrafted free-agents: LB Colin Allred - Baylor, S Jaxson Appel - Texas A&M, DE Copeland Bryan - Arizona, DE Sean Conover - Bucknell, DT Wayne Dickens - Auburn, G Cody Douglas - Tennessee, WR Tramain Hall - N.C. State, DT Chris Herring - Southern Arkansas, WR Mario Hill - Mississippi, QB Cody Hodges - Texas Tech, CB Cedric Holt - North Carolina, DT Jeff Littlejohn - Middle Tennessee, CB Daniel McLemore - Oklahoma St., C Rod Olds - Jacksonville St., TE Jamie Petrowski - Indiana St., CB Keon Raymond - Middle Tennessee, RB Lamont Reid - Western Carolina, DE Adam Roberts - Cincinnati, DE Tim Thompson - Valdosta, G Derrick Warford - Alabama St.

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  2. well doesnt look like we got moses from vanderbilt
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    Moses Osemwegie is headed to camp with the Chicago Bears (Hunter Hillenmeyer, like Moses a former LB at both MBA and Vanderbilt, is a starting OLB for the Bears).
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