Titans Injury Report: Britt tweaks ankle injury

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    Also in the evaluation is pain tolerance from the player. That is the biggest factor, Drs cannot and will not see ligament laxity in sprained ankles like they do in Knees, so the main variable is the eyeball test of what the player can do mobility-wise and how much pain they're willing to deal with.

    Remember, Lavelle Hawkins had a big write-up about him having 2 of the 3 main ligaments in his ankle damaged to the point of needing season ending surgery, but instead he's going to opt to have surgery after the season. He's dealing with pain, and there are torn ligaments, yet he practices and dresses for games.

    I think the point I'm trying to make is that Kenny can sure run from the cops, run from his responsibilities, but cannot run to do his job. Kenny Brittle is a kunt!

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    Its a knee. Its a hamstring. Its an ankle. Its blue lights and handcuffs. It is all getting very old.
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    He might as well be handicapped he needs a wheelchair for christmas!
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    This is definitely getting old! Too bad because he's another one of those guys with a ton of potential but I seriously doubt he ever achieves his full potential. Too brittle and too stupid to stay out of trouble, the double whammy.
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    If Britt is out for this upcoming game, I really hope he doesn't break a tooth eating them sunflower seeds on the sidelines.. A broke tooth could mean his season is done.
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    Its always something.
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    Weird how you didn't deny it, and I can tell it's true to some degree.

    When I was in highschool, I had hamstring issues. The doctors could confirm this. Hell, I had an MRI on it to make sure it didn't tear once.

    After that, it was on me to return. Why? Because all a doctor can do is tell you what your injury is and how to fix it. Even if I tried to pretend it was hurt when it wasn't, what is a trainer going to say? Suck it up?

    For some reason I don't think this conversation happened after Kenny woke up from surgery on his knee:

    "Well, mr. Britt, that knee has been repaired, so... do these rehab excercises and if you aren't playing in 6 weeks, it's coming out of your check, because your knee is healed"

    Yeah... no. Not going to happen.

    No trainer in his/her right mind has ever made a player go who said he couldn't go. That is a promise.

    Unless it is some backward 60s Any Given Sunday crap.
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    I normally don't engage in silly internet pissing contests, but I'll make an exception for you, since you're obviously too lazy to do research yourself.

    Hudl profile
    Danish National Team roster
    http://www.daff.dk/LANDSHOLD/A-landsholdet/A-landsholdets trup til Firenze.aspx

    And yes I've played with various groin and hamstring tears, sprained knee ligaments, not to mention countless ankles, shoulders and fingers, so I do actually know a bit about sportsinjuries.

    Regarding pain tolerance as Jwill mentions, you play through pain, taking painkillers as needed. No coach should ever allow a players to sit out merely because "it hurts" (at the pro level).