Titans in on Julio OR Elijah?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. GeronimoJackson

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    Wait, has it really come to this, we’re really now having a Julio Davis vs Corey Davis debate? Lol

    Corey Davis still has to prove he’s even a legit number 1. Even at his age, Julio is still a top 5 receiver and if he stays healthy, he’s going to have at least 2 more seasons of being good and that was the whole point of the trade, we’re in win mode now. By the time Julio is washed, Tannehill will be on the decline and Henry probably won’t be the best running back anymore given the short shelf life for running backs.
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  2. TitansWrath

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    God it's exciting. We haven't been in “push the chips in” mode since... 2000?

    All those years we sat here just hoping that our gm would make a splash... get us an impact guy to try to get us over the top... and every year nothing happened.

    Then all those honeydickings. Manning... Hightower...

    Then the dark years...

    We finally have a gm that built a roster that got us close, and has the balls to go out and get big pieces, and actually land them.

    We signed probably the best pass rusher and the best receiver in free agency. Drafted potentially the best corner in the draft. Signed a good pass rushing DL. Now we have melvin Ingram coming for a visit.

    How can you not be pumped?!

    I just ordered a new titans flag for the man cave. I was gonna order a Titans rug, but at $200 the wife wasn't having it.

    There are people old enough to drink legally that haven't seen times this good as a Titans fan. Let's enjoy the ride.
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  3. Tricky

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  4. TitansWrath

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    My apologies, it appears to just be rumors and speculation at this juncture. I've seen it numerous places, but so far it's just noise. My bad.
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  5. Soxcat

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    Noise but not that unbelievable that there might be joint interest for Ingram and the Titans. Ingram is 32 years old. He has played for the Chargers his whole career and coming off a terrible year where he was injured and produced zero sacks. Thus if he still wants to play his expectations aren't going to be a big contract or to play for a team that can't compete. He might be perfectly willing to finish out his career on a contender as a part time player.

    Now we have Julio which means we are more appealing to a guy like Ingram with a real chance at a championship in the next year or two. Ingram isn't exactly hurting for money since he signed a contract comparable to the one Dupree got in 2017. He might not play for the vet minimum but certainly he may consider something very reasonable.
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    While it is true we have a legit window of opportunity while Henry is still productive Tannehill is only 32 years old and should be playing at a high level beyond that (Aaron Rogers is 37). AJ will probably get his big contract (which is the main reason we need Julio now). We will have to replace Julio and Henry eventually. Basically most NFL teams have dramatic roster changes every 2 or 3 years and only a few players remain through those (like Tannehill and AJ).

    Now I agree on Davis. Julio averaged 85 yards per game last year in the 7 games he played (that is close to a 1400 yard pace) and Davis never proved he could get separation with single coverage. Julio is similar to Calvin Johnson, a guy you can heave the ball to even when he is covered and he can win. So bottom line is they could single cover Davis, still put a decent number in the box to stop Henry and slow us down. Now it is a different story.
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  8. Chronos

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    If he is coming off an injury he’s our guy. Guaranteed now.
  9. Soxcat

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    Well if he had 10 sacks and played 16 games he wouldn't be coming to TN if that is what you mean.
  10. TitanWally

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    Where do you buy stuff from man? Im in NZ so shipping is gonna be a killer but we have nothing stocked here, the odd store has packers, giants and raiders shirts/caps but thats about it.
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