Titans Have Not Had Stability At QB Since Mcnair

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Ultimately the team for the most part was successful and had stability during the Steve Mcnair era here in Tennessee from 1999 all the way through 2005 with multiple playoff berths,league's best record,couple AFC championship games and playing in the Super Bowl.Mcnair was also NFL MVP in 2003.However his last season was 2005 then due to his huge contract the team ended up letting Mcnair leave and they then signed Vince Young to lead the team into the future.

    From 2006 all the way through 2010 the team had two QB's Vince Young chosen in the draft and Kerry Collins from free agency.Vince Young ultimately was not the answer and the team went back and forth with Kerry Collins and Young so there was never any stability at all and at any given time no one knew exactly what might happen.Vince would play well for stretches then struggle so Collins played for a while then struggled so they went back Young again.This went on from 2006 all the way through 2010 or pretty much half a decade.

    In 2011 the team drafted Jake Locker and brought in Matt Hasselbeck as veteran to tutor Locker until he was ready to take over.Locker looked good at times when he did play his rookie season.Hasselbeck also played well at times but over the last two seasons hasn't done much.In 2012 Jake Locker was chosen as the starter but it seems he isn't doing much good at all especially when other QB's drafted during the last couple seasons such as Andy Dalton,Colin Kapernick,Christian Ponder,Russell Wilson,Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin have all played well and at the conclusion of 2012 nearly every one of these QB's are not only playing well but nearly all have been to the playoffs.

    In 2013 it will be make or break for Jake Locker or the team will be right back at the drawing board in 2014 NFL draft bringing in what would be the third QB in a decade since Mcnair left the team.

    I do hope Jake Locker comes back strong in 2013 because any team including ours is only as good as its quarterback and thats one area that this team has really struggled with the last decade since Steve Mcnair left Tennessee.When the team had stability at the QB position it was no coincidence that we also had our greatest success during that period of years where Mcnair led the team.In the years since he left the team has struggled to find true leadership and great play out of its quarterbacks.
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    You said "ultimately" way too many times, now that's all I can recall is "ultimately".

    What was this thread ultimately suppose to be about??
  4. TheSureThing

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    Puts us in a group with the likes of Cleveland, Buffalo, and Kansas City...Great company.
  5. RTH

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    Good or bad... there are a lot of teams over the years that have had instability at the QB position.

    Miami... Oakland... Denver... Chicago (arguably now that they finally have Cutler) Arizona... NY Jets... Tampa Bay...

    Technicalities, I suppose... but aside from having a season to remember, obscurity rules over these teams.

    When's the last time Miami was truly solid after Marino?
    Oakland only really had a "stand-out" QB for about 1-2 years.
    After Elway, who did Denver really have?
    Chicago...BC, Before Cutler - and that still remains to be seen. They got to the SB with Grossman, but really? Nope.
    Arizona, can't think of anyone. One good season with Warner, but that was it.
    NY Jets... after Testeverde(sp?)?
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    Finding a franchise QB isn't like finding a franchise center in the NBA, it's like finding a franchise point guard, which half of the league has, so it shouldn't be difficult in today's game. Locker will and should get one more year, I think all prospect QB's should get 3 years before getting fully evaluated, so next season is Locker's final audition.
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    Baloney. Giving a guy three seasons, regardless of how bad he plays? Why?
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    JL has not been the Titans main problem, far from it IMO

    Gray is the Titans current main problem, followed by that sissy FS and twiddle dee (MR) and twiddle dumb (RW) in the front office.

    I am still not certain that MM is a huge problem, but I highly suspect I will be at around 3:30pm sunday - lol
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    Baloney? So the 8th overall pick, that was once projected to be 1st overall, should only get one full season before we decide to cut him loose?

    Matt Ryan struggled and regressed his sophomore year, Atlanta should have cut him after that season.
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    Didn't Matt Ryan still lead them to the playoffs? He still had an amazing rookie season. Locker hasn't shown anything except a few glimpses on broken plays.
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