Titans express interest in Elvis Dumervil

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Article says interested teams are Ravens, Pats, and Us, if we all offer the same he would surely pick the other two, so again it's gonna take big $ to get him
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    If WE go all in, do we get fired as fans at the end of the season if this awsome offseason produces a flop?
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    It would be nice to take one from the Broncos, instead of the other way around. It doesn't help though that two contenders are interested as well. We have yet to redo Hasselbeck's contract and trim some of the fat....both of those things will eventually happen. And do we not have 12+ million in rollover that's available? If Ruston wants him, we have opportunities to add money to our cap and have substantial rollover dollars. Financially, he can make it work.....it would be a substantial addition and cap off an unbelievable free agency.

    Ruston seems very responsible and cognisant of the team's present and future cap situation, I'm sure. But even still, if we did somewhere down the road face a cap problem, I'd rather be in cap hell than no talent hell. The guy is a very good talent evaluator, so if he wants a player, I'm going to assume that the player would better the team.
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    Dumervil will cost 8-9 million a year now. And the Broncos are saying they are done with the whole mess, so I'm not sure they care anymore about him.
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    I agree with this. I would much rather have some good years, go through cap hell and start all over again, than go 10 years of mediocre football.
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    Okay this is what I don't get, we beg the front office all the time to actually spend some money and bring guys in. We're finally doing this and now it's, oh wait let's just stop or I'm not too sure about this. Now look, this is kinda questionable if this will put us in cap hell but let's think about a few things:

    1. We can restructure Hasselbeck's deal. We probably haven't done this yet because the FO isn't sure if we would have to do this but if we're truly going after him then this will get done. I bet they have the papers already drawn up anyway just in case.
    2. We can cut Amano.
    3. We can cut/trade Washington.
    4. I'm tired of being the joke of the NFL.

    Now the 2 things I'm not sure of, what can we do with Wimbley and also how much can we actually roll over? I'm not clear of that rule so if someone can fill me in that would be great.

    Bring this guy in, truly excite this fan base, we'll be well on our way to another great Titans defense, and let's go balls to the wall.
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    LETS F'N GO!!!!!

    How does anyone have any hesitation on this? Dude is a B E A S T. Turns our d line into a strength and takes out a big draft need. Wimbleys cool and all and a fsu alum but he didn't get it done. GET DOOOOM!
    All in for 2013! We suck and we lose munch and locker and blow it up anyway!!!!
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    SERIOUSLY. We ***** all season about the front office now everyone wanting us to play it safe. Everyone worried about the cap should be more worried about our joke of a defense.
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    Bud will be dead before we face any real repercussions, it's monopoly money to him.

    Anyways, we still have cap room, and more will be created when Amano is cut. Elvis Dumervil is a game changer we should definitely go hard for him.
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    We need Dumervil. Bud said he will open his wallet to proven players, well it doesn't get much more proven. With dumervil we can take warmack or cooper in the first and then get a second tier cb in the second round. Boom oline and Dline are fixed.

    With a strong Dline it covers the weakness of a secondary sp this signing would actually help two needs
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