Titans Enjoying Red-Zone Success

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    SUMMARY: In 2007, they finished dead last in the NFL in scoring TDs in the red zone. This season, the Tennessee Titans are ranked first in the same category. The Titans have had 18 red-zone possessions thus far in 2008 and have scored points on all 18 tries. More importantly, the Titans have scored 13 touchdowns in those 18 trips, a mark of 72.2 percent touchdown efficiency. "We’re very balanced down there in our play selection and what we’ve shown," said Coach Jeff Fisher. "So if you commit to the run, we’ll make a play to the tight ends or the receivers in the end zone. A lot of that credit, of course, goes to the offensive line too, because they’re playing very well."

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    and that is the only offensive stat worth talking about... yards mean nothing to me. Here's the top 5 "offenses" by yards:

    1) Saints (3-4), last in their division
    2) Giants (5-1), great team
    3) Cowboys (4-3), pseudo-great team... being exposed for what they really are now
    4) Broncos (4-3), see Cowboys. Most overrated team in the league, IMO
    5) Texans (2-4), last in their division

    So of the "top 5" offenses by yards, 2 are last in their division and 2 have gone from Super-Bowl picks to biggest-bust picks in the last few weeks. Paper Champs - save it for fantasy leagues. No matter how bad the NFL wants a pass-only league, defense and a solid running game still rule.

    I predicted that Heimerdinger, Crumpler and VY would turn the red-zone woes around. I was totally wrong it looks like (maybe not about Dinger). The O-line has dominated down there, with Lendale and CJ cleaning up.
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    I like what you mentioned about the O-Line, Im sorry but I have to say our O-Line is the BEST in the league PERIOD. Our QB has only been sacked what twice through 5 games? That is a huge factor in producing Redzone points, as they are allowing Collins time to make a play or the backs to find a hole in situations where things tighten up.

    You want your MVP candidate for the league? I say they change the rules this year and allow it to be the Titans whole O-Line....and the D-Line as the runner up :grrhee:
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    Just once and it was hardly a real sack.
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    ha ha oops sorry, I stand corrected
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