Titans Embarrassed by Broncos in 35-10 Loss

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Aug 20, 2006.

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  3. Laserjock

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    I think my stance on this is that I did not expect the team to look as pitiful on BOTH sides of the ball as we did against Denver. It was truly embarrassing to watch the 1st team defense. I found myself almost laughing at them as it was comical after the 5th bootleg to see the entire team out of position.

    Offensively I have had my reservations and no real expectations...don't expect us to be that good, but hopefully competitive. Defensively I do have expectations due to the free agent signings.

    Its one thing to claim the Colt go this or that in the preseason because they show up during the regular season. I am looking for significant improvement in preseason with the Titans because I will use that to gauge what to expect in the regular season.

    Frankly, I am skeptical that Haynesworth plays a full season if he is already dinged again. And I am more skeptical about our defense if it is that dependent on one guy on the interior line.

    Now...all this being said...I am going to hope this Denver debacle was a hiccup and the team was as embarrassed as the fans and have no intention of repeating that performance.

    Go Titans...lets take it out on the Falcons next week.
  4. Puck

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    screw the keyboard
    that Apple Cinema display is the one gettin' abused
  5. Puck

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    early guess is that it will be Brady Quinn (not my guess though)
  6. Gunny

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    or Peterson

    two players we don't need.
  7. wplatham

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    Ted Ginn anyone?

    I'm actually not all that worried about this. Let's move on.

  8. Titantonic

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    You could make the case that the Broncos are the best team in the NFL. No, it's not clear cut, but they certainly are a Super Bowl contender, and they were a pi**ed off and motivated team after the way they played in Detroit the week before, and last night they were coming home to play in front of some of the best and loudest fans in the league. Add to the mix the fact that the Titans are not a very good team, and you have the recipe for a good, old-fashioned arse whooping, which is exactly what we saw. The Titans will get better.
  9. dontdraftcutler

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    I was there last night..first ever Titans game for me. 2nd row behing the Titans bench...awesome seats. I was in a sea of Broncos fans, I got bood, thrown **** at, cussed at, etc., but there I was wearing my VY Jersey. Let me tell you something that all of you already know...Schwartz has lost any respect the defensive players have/had for him...rookies aside. I watched him yell and scream at the defense, most of them wouldn't even make eye contact with him...bottom line, they're not going to bust their ***** for a little turd like Schwartz, who hasn't a clue anyway. This defense has enough players, it could be nasty. Bring on McGinnis, yeah it is against the protocal to replace a coach during preseason, but uh, what the **** else do we have to lose. Shake it up for God sakes. Jeff was pissed last night, especially after the Pac-man personal foul (which was offset).

    All in all, though, I thought our run game looked pretty solid at times. Vince did pretty well after a shaky start. Volek pretty much sucked, but so did his protection. I'm loving Bobby Wade. He's one of the guttiest guys I saw last night, plus he's a cool guy. Came over and shook my hand after the game...so did hentrich.
  10. Riverman

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    Cool post. You could see the players doing the same to Schwartz on the TV. Unless there is a dramatic turn-around, I'm betting Bud calls for Schwartz's head. Personnel is no longer an excuse, injury excuse is worn out. Plain and simple, Schwartz has lost the defense.
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