Titans Draft History since 2000

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Alex1939, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Alex1939

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    Here's a look at our draft history since 2000. As far as I can tell the only player still on our roster that was drafted prior to 2000 is Benji Olsen.

    I'm not including Odom, LaBoy, Jacob Bell, or Ben Troupe since it is questionable if any of them get re-signed.

    Players still on the team:

    Bulluck- 1st round, 30th, 2000.

    Haynesworth- 1st round, 15th, 2002.

    Eugene Amano, C- 7th round, 2004.

    Roos- 2nd round, 45th, 2005.
    B. Jones- 3rd round, 96th, 2005.
    V. Fuller- 4th round, 2005.
    D. Stewart- 4th round, 2005.
    R. Williams- 4th round, 2005.
    Daniel Loper- 5th round, 2005.
    B. Scaife- 6th round, 2005.
    R. Hill- 7th round, 2005.

    V. Young- 1st round, 3rd, 2006.
    L. White- 2nd round, 45th, 2006.
    C. Lowry- 4th round, 2006.
    S. Tulloch- 4th round, 2006.
    C. Finnegan- 7th round, 2006.

    M. Griffin- 1st round, 19th, 2007.
    C. Henry- 2nd round, 50th, 2007.
    P. Williams- 3rd round, 80th, 2007.
    L. Harris- 4th round, 2007.
    C. Davis- 4th round, 2007.
    Antonio Johnson, DT- 5th round, 2007.
    Jacob Ford, DE- 6th round, 2007.
    Michael Otto, OT- 7th round, 2007.

    **** Pacman Jones- 1st round, 6th overall, 2005.

    So, out of the above players still on our roster since the 2000 Draft, here are the starters (10):

    QB Vince Young
    RB L. White
    WR R. Williams
    TE B. Scaife
    OT Roos
    OT D. Stewart
    DT A. Haynesworth
    OLB K. Bulluck
    CB C. Finnegan
    FS M. Griffin

    Only six of those starters (Young, White, Roos, Haynesworth, Bulluck, Griffin) were drafted in the first 2 rounds.

    Without having compared this to other teams, I have to think 6 starters from the 1st/2nd round out of THE LAST 8 NFL DRAFTS has to be a low number. I would also think only 10 of 22 starters coming from the draft is a low number as well.

    Hopefully we start to see draft improvement, because it's amazing to me that no player drafter from 2001 or 2003 is still on the Titans roster. And only 7th round Eugene Amano from the 2004 draft isn't good either.

    Here are the 1st and 2nd round picks from the NFL Draft since 2000 that are not on our roster:

    Andre Dyson- 2nd round, 2000.
    Tank Williams- 2nd round, 2002.
    Andre Woolfolk- 1st round, 2003.
    Tyrone Calico- 2nd round, 2003.
    Ben Troupe- 2nd round, 2004. **
    T. LaBoy- 2nd round, 2004. **
    A. Odom- 2nd round, 2004. **

    I guess if anything this shows how important the early rounds of the draft are to the long-term future success of a franchise. Hopefully we fair better in the future than we have in the recent past.

    Here are the links I used for the info:

  2. GoT

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    good point

    probably a reason why someone will be able to ask Floyd this question on some NFL discussion panel in a few weeks
  3. PAtitansfan53

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    Haha ^. Hopefully Reinfeldt can bring in some quality classes for years to come. Last years draft was average so far so I expect better in year 2.
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