Titans Dinner at Murfreesboro Embassy Suites

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GoT, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. GoT

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    The dinner was much better than I anticipated. Cole slaw, green beans, mashed potatos, pulled pork and pulled chicken with a lite salad and desert, tea and water were at the tables and staff refilled the beverages and collected the plates.

    Pre dinner there were photo opportunities with Trac and a couple of cheerleaders. A inflatable Titan helmet was at the entrance too Embassy Suites so there was no mistaking where too go – lol

    Too the heart of the matter. After some chow time they showed a video of awesome Titan clips. Good stuff for Titan fans. Then the real show began when Ruston Webster took the stage and discussed the draft and post draft URFA. Couple thing RW said that stuck out too me. First he said the Titans attempted, without success, too move back into round 1 for Hunter. RW said the Titans staff slept on it and it was decided over breakfeast too talk draft trade with the first 3 teams in round 2. RW said the tarpkittes deal was basically not worth ever presuing as they had no interest in trading with the Titans. Guess they are still butthurt about 1999 – lol RW said he has a relationship with the SF GM and that they were able too get a deal worked out.

    After sleeping on it I feel much better about losing next years 3 because I suspect fishface will give Cook plenty of snaps and that just might get the Titans a comp 3, but regardless of that Its still the price for a potential difference maker on O.

    The other thing that RW said that intrigued me was that the CBs the Titans drafted were press corners and he specifically said they were not ZONE corners. IMO they appear too at least be attempting too do something different than what has been a failure every since fat albert left for a sack full of $s

    Oh and some guy named Locker made an appearance. On stage spoke for a few minutes and then off stage. All good though. Hes bigger than I thought.

    All in all a good time for serious Titan fans
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  2. TitanJeff

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    Let me guess... chicken.
  3. GoT

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    I had too type the write up in a word document. For some reason I kept erasing the text when I tried to do it directly.

    Chicken AND pork
  4. Titans2004

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    Went to the Ruston Webster post-draft talk in the Boro tonight. It was a very nice event put on by the Titans for season ticket holders. Here are a few of the interesting things he mentioned...

    He said that we were targeting Jon Bostic the Lber from Florida, but he got taken in the late 2nd before our 3rd rnd pick. Said that Gooden is a tremendous athlete but can't play MLber like Bostic could.

    He said that we tried to trade back into the 1st rnd to grab Hunter, but just couldn't get a deal done Thursday night to do it. He said that Hunter was the #1 WR on our board. Said the Loggans and Jefferson had been hounding him for weeks to get Hunter for the offense.

    He said that Schwenke was the #1 center on our board and they really were planning on going defense with that pick, but just couldn't pass up the value. Said they had him in for a visit and just loved his attitude. Said that Warmack and Schwenke are going to give our OL an attitude for many years. Said that he will get a chance to compete for a starting spot.

    He mentioned that Greg Williams wanted 2 things when he came to the Titans. Said he wanted CBs to play press coverage and wanted DEs who could swing inside on passing downs. He specifically mentioned that now we have McCourty and the 2 drafted CBs who are solid at press coverage. Noticeable that he didn't mention Verners name. He also mentioned that Klug is going to be working both inside and outside.

    He said that we will keep 6 WRs at most.

    When asked what positions we were still looking to upgrade, he said DE and RB.

    He said that you can expect him to draft heavy from the SEC. He likes proven, productive players who compete in the best conference.

    Locker was there as well and said that his rehab is going great and that the vibe during the workouts that they are having now is the best since he has been a Titan. Said new FAs are fitting in well.

    That is about all I can remember for what it is worth. It was cool because they handed out football cards of all our new draft picks. Can't wait to get them autographed during training camp.
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  5. Gunny

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    RB is interesting for wanting to upgrade.

    Oh great, this sh!tstorm is going to start again.
  6. Obie09

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    Likely just looking for a young 3rd guy. CJ and Greene are both within a few years of the end of their prime so it's always good to look for the next guy or next backup.
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  7. Fry

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    Pandering to the crowd. Just look at his three drafts. Four SEC players selected since 2011.
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  8. titans1839

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    6 wrs? Britt, Wright, Hunter, Williams, Walter are for sure. Guess this means Hawkins and Mariani get to fight for the last spot. My guess is Mariani because he can return punts and is cheaper. Pretty sure Washington is long gone
  9. Fry

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    Why is Walters a lock? He signed a one-year deal and could easily be cut.
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  10. Gunny

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    We won't get a comp pick because we signed more than we lost.
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