Titans could face big snag in Cook talks

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    INDIANAPOLIS The Titans say they want to keep tight end Jared Cook. In the coming weeks, we might find out just how much they value him.

    Although the Titans are expected to meet with Cook’s agent here at the NFL Combine this weekend, they are nowhere close to agreeing on a long-term contract. I don’t expect one to be reached by March 12, when Cook would become a free agent.

    That, of course, would leave the Titans with the option of placing the franchise tag on Cook, a talented player with big potential. General manager Ruston Webster said Cook is in the team’s plans and “how it gets done, we’ll see.”

    The deadline for the Titans to use the franchise tag on Cook is March 4, but already there are indications of a battle brewing between the two sides.

    The issue: Whether Cook should be tagged as a tight end or a wide receiver.

    The franchise tag for tight ends is expected to be around $6 million this year. It’s not inconceivable, however, the Titans might have to franchise Cook as a wide receiver, which would come with a price tag of roughly $10.5 million.

    The issue is also expected to be a point of contention for the Saints with tight end Jeremy Graham, who can become an unrestricted free agent next year.

    According to Pro Football Focus, Cook was lined up in the slot on 57 percent of his plays in 2012. He was also lined up wide on other plays, which would increase his percentage as a receiver.

    I asked Webster about whether this could be an issue. His response: “I don’t anticipate it. He has been a tight end for us.”

    Attempts to reach Cook and his agent for comment were unsuccessful.

    If the two sides don’t see eye-to-eye on the matter in the near future, however, there’s potential for a hearing with the NFL Players Association and the NFL.

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