Rumor Titans Believe 4-8 Weeks for Locker

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TouchdownTitans, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. ImATitan

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    I hope Greene is back for Sunday. Power run game, 3-4 yards at a time of CJ keeps getting stuffed at the line.
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  2. Dman

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    We need green to be back asap, any help to our offense would be great
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    I'm very concerned Locker is done for this season. Hip injuries are nasty injuries. To put it in perspective, a guy who dislocates his shoulder or subluxes it (it dislocates but pops back in on its own), will be out weeks. With a hip, can be much longer and can be career threatening. Look at Bo Jackson:(

    The other problem is that a Hip usually requires no movement to heal so getting back to playing football takes more time! Not good for a football player!

    I HOPE this isn't as bad as we fear, but if he was in that much pain, it doesn't sound good!!!

    All our best for a full recovery Jake!!!

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  4. Dman

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    If he is done for the season which is a concern my next question is where do the titans go from there? I believe next year is Locker's contract year and his health is definitely an issue at this point. This hip could potentially bother him the rest of his life. I really hope he can fully heal from this and I wish him the best.
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    Let's point out that the title of this thread is just a rumor. Munch said nothing official has been released by the team and that Locker will undergo another MRI once swelling goes down before any kind of final diagnosis and timetable for his return will be released.

    Munch did make it sound like it was not a season-ending injury.
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    like many im still in total disbelief that once again we have a guy with great potential finally starting to turn potential into production and bam down he goes with a freaking hip injury. I was at the highest ive been on us in a while...saw the score, was watching a highlight of fitz throwing deep to nate and I told a coworker its nice to see titans have a big enough lead the back up gets to play and he said jake got carted off the field and bam lowest ive been in a while I just want that qb qholl keep us around 10 wins every year at least and I think jake can be that so I hope this isn't a lifetime nagging injury
  7. The Playmaker

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    Concern should still be high but Munch said nothing was dislocated, we actually still don't know what happened. Bo was a freak injury, the chances of that happening again are pretty slim. If I'm right, wasn't it something to do with his veins? Doesn't seem to be the case with Locker.

    He'll probably be placed on IR, off 6 weeks, can start football activity after that, and hopefully we can make a playoff push.
  8. The Playmaker

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    This may be me being too optimistic but if it was severe enough for him to be out for the season I feel like we would hear more about it by now. The fact that everything has been seemingly calm and Munch acting like he'll be back sometime this season is good news. Who knows, maybe after more tests he won't have to be put on IR.
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    This team has so much confidence and chemistry right now. Lets not put all our hopes for the season on Locker. I wish him the best in recovery but we are hot right now and its not just Jake that is responsible for our success. Get behind Fitz and lets make the most of what we have as a team going forward! We beat the Chiefs next week. Write it down. This TEAM has what it takes. GO TITANS!
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    You think a fractured ankle would hurt worse than hip dislocation? LMAO!