Titans agree to terms with OT Michael Oher

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Shanvhere, Mar 14, 2014.


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    I think because of the new salary cap amount everybody's over spending. Theyre kind of forced to with the CBA rules now what they are.
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    There's nothing in the new CBA that's forcing teams to overspend in free agency. As always, the smart teams will use the extra cap space to keep their own players around.

    That's what the Titans probably should have done this year (with Verner).

    I don't think there's any way to look at the Oher deal and not see it as unnecessarily overpaying.
  3. UrbanLegend3

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    I'm starting to think that you only get slapped with the "overpaid" label if the media doesn't think the guy you acquired is very good. According to sources like PFF Oher had a pretty bad year and thus to them paying him what we paid him is seen as over the top. If Oher was a bad as those numbers suggest then they would be right but I've been watching Oher's games and he is no where near as bad as he's being made out to be. This was a solid signing with the potential to be a great one.
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  4. Titans2004

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    It will all come down to production. If he plays well we didn't overpay. If he doesn't we did. We can all agree that 6mil for Stewart was too much and that he was a goner. So if we don't sign Oher then we head into the draft with a big hole at RT.

    We signed the best RT available and filled a major need.

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    Right but 95% of the cap is $126M, we have to hit that number by league rules. What current players deserve extensions to get us to what we have to spend?
  6. TorontoTitanFan

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    Should have extended Verner considering how little he signed for.

    NEED TO extend Casey.

    As for the floor, that is a concept that's widely misunderstood by fans. My understanding is that the cap floor is a four-year thing. There's no specific spending requirement this season (and it probably makes sense to carry money forward rather than spending it now).

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    I wouldn't extend Casey, he's never in his life played in a 3-4, I like his chances to succeed, but its a total mystery how well he'll adjust.
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    His first 6 games he was the best Ravens offensive lineman, so you'll get a good impression of him.

    His worst 7 games were weeks 3 , 7 , 9, 12, 13, 14, 16

    Here are my comments from the games. I have no doubt you'll have some individual differences of opinion, but these contain some (Q, T) references so you an review on NFL rewind.

    I differ from PFF in several ways, but primarily, every pass rushing event must be shared, so you can't assign 2 sacks on a play as they do, even if each player would have allowed a sack on his own. Also, sack credit is not always based on who makes the tackle, it's primarily who allows the initial pressure or flush. Watch the plays cited and you'll see some of that.

    Houston (week 3)

    Pittsburgh (week 7)

    Cleveland (Week 9)

    Jets (week 12)

    Pittsburgh (week 13)

    Min (week 14)
    No article written for this one. The game was played in a blizzard. Oher was an unadjusted F and adjusted to a D- for that game based on quality of competition, but like I indicate, I would not put much stock in extreme results from that game due to the miserable conditions.

    NE (Week 16)

    Here is my year-end piece from his rookie season. Where did this guy go?
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    That's what I'm sort of trying to say. You don't need to spend the money now. Save it for later when extending certain guys is important.

    In a world with a rising salary cap, the way to win Super Bowls will be to draft effectively and retain your core players. All teams will have cap space for free agents and the Titans aren't exactly a premier destination for players.

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    The cap has gone backwards at times, its not always going to increase. At some point these lucrative TV deals will plateau and you'll stop seeing a constant growth in the salary cap year to year.

    Im with you about promoting from within and keeping your core guys, but teams do have to spend their money, so we're going to see a ton of "over paid" guys this year and going forwards.
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