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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, May 19, 2006.

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    What are #2 and #44 doing in that play on the Defense?
  3. Titans2004

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    Gut- In your scenario of against the run, you say you would play bump and run on the slot receiver. Is this with the FS or are you bringing both CBs to the same side of the field to guard both WRs?

    The way I read it you have the CB shifting over with the SS moving down outside the 2nd TE. If you do that then from a running standpoint I've got 4 blockers on your 4 guys with VY and RB attacking the edge. I like my odds. Also if the CB is shifted to the other side then I just flex out Scaife to get him 1 on 1 with the SS and that leaves more space for Troupe to work against the LB and still leaves me 3 blockers vs 3 defenders with VY and RB.

    VY is the major key to really making this formation work because he is such a threat to run. I don't think many NFL co-ordinators want to see their CB 1 on 1 with VY.
  4. Gut

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    I don't care what VY says about the play Hoge broke down. From the 2 angles, he broke it down correctly. If VY didn't do what he supposed to do, that's another thing. But Hoge broke down what he DID do.

    As for the Rose Bowl game, I don't have it on tape, but I did watch it. It seemed to me that he hit secondary WR's either after scrambling around or on a slow developing crossing pattern. I don't mean to make it sound like he's playing at a little league level, but I don't see much evidence to support him making 3 and 4 man progression leads. After this weekend I will go through those posts and see what the 'evidence' is to support him doing that.

  5. Gut

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    Against a run or lets say first and 10, I'd play for the run. You do NOT get your 4 on 4 from what I described. I said against the run I'd shift the DL to the strong side (double TE side) and drop the strong safety down.

    That means my strongside (SS) DE is outside shoulder of your first TE, (SS) DT is outside shoulder of your SS OG, weakside DT is headup on the C and my weakside DE is outside shoulder of your weakside OG. My weakside OLB is outside your weakOT, MLB is aligned with SS A gap and SS OLB is in between your OT and first TE and SS is outside TE #2. Again I'd play tight man on the slot WR with my CB having matched up (both cb's on your wr's) but man off on the outside WR.

    If you draw this out, I have 5 defenders (SS DT, DE + MLB, OLB and SS) to defend you 4 blockers (OG, OT, and 2 TE's). Further more, by putting defenders on your 2 OG's and OC mean you can't pull any of them for additional blocking (this is a strategy employed in the 46 D which also helps get pressure up the middle since the OC can't help either OG). Theoretically you could have the RB block too, making it 5 on 5, but I like my odds of your RB trying to sustain a run block on my OLB or SS. Also, I only have to string out the play til my backside OLB and FS can come up.

    And if you playfake and try to pass, you have to either block with your inside TE vs my Strongside DE (a mismatch for me) or have your RT try and pass block against a DE who's a few yards outside of him...also a mismatch for me. Furthermore, weakside, my DE is outside shoulder on your OG...a mismatch for me for pass rushing. If the OT blocks down to help the weakside OLB blitzs forcing eityher single blocking or forcing the RB to block to that side. Either way, I force you to provide more blockers helping me with coverage or I just blitz freed up guys. As you can see, I have pass rushing mismatches to both sides and you only have one RB to help. Most likely, one TE would help on the strongside and you could have the RB help weak...but that would take 2 of your recievers out of the play. I could then blitz with the WOLB and SOLB or drop them (or one) into coverage.

    How do you like your odds now?

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    yep, thats the pass in your sig.
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