Titans 5th Round Selection (#142): DE Lavar Edwards

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Ask your mom, not up to me.
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  2. Finnebosch

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    Personally I think Edwards takes Soloman's spot (Soloman is still PS eligible) and we pick up a decent vet as a 3rd DE (Isreal Idonije is still available) which would give us:

    DE: Wimbley/Morgan/Idonije/Edwards/Dawson
    DT: Martin/Hill/Casey/Big Po
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  3. Titans Insider

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    A New Orleans native, new Titans defensive end Lavar Edwards suffered through Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when he was a 15-year-old high school sophomore.

    The floodwaters forced Edwards and his family to relocate temporarily to Austin, Texas. He later returned to his school, which had originally been located in New Orleans, but had moved entirely to Niceville, Fla., for a few months, and then finally to Baton Rouge, La.

    Edwards didn’t get a chance to work out very often for a couple of months and said he also ate too much, one of the ways he coped with the stress caused by Katrina.

    “It didn’t really affect my career, (but) I went from about 230 pounds to 250 in a couple of months,” Edwards said. “But honestly, I think all things happen for a reason.”

    Edwards said he currently weighs about 270 pounds. Titans coach Mike Munchak said Edwards would likely play at about 280 on the NFL level.

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  4. Gunny

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    Lamar Edwards...the name just say 10 year backup vet whose best season is worth about 6 sacks.

    I'll take it in the fifth.
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  5. Titansman1

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    I think this guy has a shot to be a pretty good guy for us in the future. Seems like he has a lot of upside and at worse I can see him being a solid depth and rotational player for us. I think we might end up pleasantly surprised with him as time goes on. It sounds like when he was on the field he was productive and on just about any other team he would have been a starter with much more impressive numbers.
  6. steverife

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    I mentioned him a few times before we took him, so he is "my guy", but I really like this pick.

    He is huge, pretty quick, moves well, and arguably a better DE on the field last year than Mingo and Montgomery. You can move him inside on passing downs, too.

    I see him as Jason Jones type, which means everyone on here will think he sucks when he doesn't get 12 sacks a year.
  7. The Playmaker

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    Probably the rookie I'm most interested in to watch, besides Hunter's health. Really liking everything I've read and watched so far, seems like he's going to make an immediate impact in the rotation.
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    Add 2 more sacks to this guy, because his name is Lavar not Lamar lol.
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    hopefully he turns into what we all thought Carlos Hall was going to be.
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    I see an average to decent rotation player. Would be surprised if he ever amounted to much beyond that.