Titans 3rd Round Selection (#97): LB Zaviar Gooden

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 26, 2013.


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    I get what youre saying, but I would have liked to have seen more fight when he was blocked off. It looks like he's just there to be there.
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    Yea he has some film that doesn't pop. I'm not sold on his ability to cover, though I like to see him playing contain like I said. And he needs a coach to get him fired up and aggressive. I think we have those around now so I have hopes in year one that he sees some nickel action. Certain traits like speed you can't teach. Hopefully the workout warrior becomes a warrior on the field. He needs work tho, no doubt.
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    Watched some film on him, definitely a work in progress but the tools are there and can see why people think he's one of the steals of the draft. If we can refine his game a bit with all of that raw talent then we're going to have quite a player on our hands. Just for fun I decided to look up his and Zach Brown's combine reports. Btw how the hell did Brown slip to us?



    We actually drafted a LB faster than Zach Brown, our defense is going to be scary soon.
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    Zaviar Gooden is a very good prospect. I live in Cinci and bengals are my home team. I knew there was no way bengals would take LB in rd 1 or 2. So rd 3 is were I started to consider a LB and Gooden was on top of my LB board. He may not be a DE but the guy is a guy with more value than what a DE would of brought in the 3rd rd. 4.47 forty true coverage LB. I seen it said Gooden would be browns back up. Gooden is a LB that's a lot different than brown. They both may have speed but that doesn't make them the same. I'm just now starting to follow the titans and what iv gathered of brown he serves more as a complete LB. a focus in in the run game. Can drop back. Can rush the QB. While Gooden is not that guy. Gooden really is a pure coverage guy. He's like a safety lining up at LB which is something the NFL is about to see a lot of
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    Welcome aboard buddy.

    And yea. When you see Gooden help in run defense he almost strictly always plays contain on the play. Never really attacks the run directly. He was a safety before so that could be his instinct (what they are supposed to do) or could have just been scheme of the team and his role in the defense. Hopefully we get him to attack the run a bit more as a Titan. Also he needs to work on his coverage skills IMO. He's made some good plays, then he's made some plays where you just scratch your head. 3rd round for a backup with high upside... Why not.
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