Post-Game Thread Titans 33, Seahawks 27

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by meekmode, Sep 24, 2017.

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    It was the same last year.. I dont think coaching has alot to do with it.
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    Worth the 4th round pick now BOYS?
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    Honestly I wish we used fowler in short yardage I like him for one yard more than Henry or Murray he's a tank with a low COG
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    The players said it themselves that the coaches made some great adjustments at halftime last week. Seattle came out with the same defensive look in the third quarter and the Titans were ready to take advantage of it. Can't remember where I read it but I think it was Delanie going off on how well our coaches adjust at halftime.
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    Yeah but coaches have to get better at having this team ready for all two halfs. If we face an explosive offense it will be very difficult to come back.

    I cant think the last time we had a fast start, the one that I can think of was vs GB last year.
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    I don't understand why people can't accept that two football teams play at chess match for the first part of the ball game. Sometimes it's an entire half. It's like a boxing match. They have to feel each other out and find weaknesses and holes and find reactions. All of the good thing is the Titans did in the second half came from what they did, and what they learned of the Seahawks in the first half.
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    I get that. But I’d like to see us be able to do more based off of scouting and game tapes and such.

    I highly doubt these teams are coming out doing completely different stuff than they did the week before.
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    Honestly we'll have to disagree. You do raise two extremely valid points. Black on Black crime is certainly an issue. That's one that many local leaders try to solve daily. The other is you're point about absentee fathers. I agree with that whole heartedly. However, absentee fathers isn't a Black thing. It affects all races the same. Children being raised by in a single parent household often face challenges that those in a two parent household just don't have to face. So you'll get no argument from there except that single parent households are more prevalent in minority houses than not.

    Outside of that, the stats you quote are surface level stats. They show the results of the problem but not the root cause. You aren't really looking into all the facts if your initial premise is that in order for racism to be systemic there has to be laws to enforce it.

    It was a study done in the past that showed two resume's being sent out exactly the same. Same job experience, same job descriptions, same address, etc. The only difference were the names. One resume had a Afro-Centric sounding name and the other White. The results were that the resume with the White name was called back at an alarming higher rate than the one with the Black name. This is an example of systemic racism and it's impacts are so much larger than a simple law being passed or enforced. If it truly is not an issue of race, the law of statistics dictates, that both resumes should receive call backs approximately around the same rate. The fact that they don't is because African Americans are under represented in positions of influence.

    You can google the job name thing and see a ton of stuff:

    Whether or not you believe the sources that's up to you. However, studies are out there that shows the inequalities. Not having the same opportunity does affect our culture whether other races see it or not. You mentioned the higher crime rate in our communities. You get no argument there, but it's a lazy analysis (and I say that to you respectfully, because I really mean no disrespect). The reason being is you can point to any financially depressed community and see all the same trends you are pointing out (even those that are majority populated by Whites), including the absentee father. The trends you point out are because it's been already shown that when an area is financially depressed, crime increase. Those two go hand in hand because people often resort to illegal behavior when they can't make ends meet. The question I asked is why are the majority of these financially depressed areas minority populated. The job name study I just pointed out is an example. It's because the same level of opportunity does not exist for minorities as it does for Whites. That does impact our cultures financially and those impacts appear in other statistical analysis like crime.

    All this can be backed up with stats. If you really want to see the numbers I will gladly pull them up for you because you genuinely appear to want to know this information. I just suggest we move the conversation to a PM. Earlier in your post you were defensive in saying people suggested that you are racist. I personally don't believe you are just based on our exchange here.

    You also asked me would I vote for a politician just because he's black. Absolutely not! However, why does so few of us run for office? It's because we can't even get our names on the ballot sheet (a conversation for another day).

    As far as proving the few issues I've been through were racially motivated. I have in the past. Which is how I know they were which resulted in some legal settlements and people losing jobs.
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    We need more of him, a lot more
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