Titans 2nd Round Selection (#34): WR Justin Hunter

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Raistmagic

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    I like it. Don't know if I've ever seen this much SEC love from us.

    Does seem like we gave a lot, but we all know that 3rd will be pick 96, so not that bad lol.
  2. Gunny

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    If Lavelle Hawkins had twitter :

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  3. acqua7

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    Justin Hunter (WO16)
    HT: 6'4" WT: 196LBS.
    SCHOOL: Tennessee
    ARM LENGTH: 33 1/4"
    HANDS: 9 3/8"
    Hunter’s height, striding speed, explosive leaping ability, and easy hands make him an exceptional vertical threat able to take the top off of any defense –- but only when he’s on the field. The Volunteers looked like they were on their way to a prolific 2011 season after putting up more than 40 points in each of their first two games. But their initial first down against Florida in week three proved fatal to the team’s chances of securing a bowl win, as Hunter tore his left ACL during a 12-yard catch on third down – and the team’s offense scored just 92 points in eight conference games without him (and with quarterback Tyler Bray also not himself throughout most of the season). The Vols' struggles continued in 2012, and even though Hunter started the entire season, his setbacks weren't as much physical as they were mental.

    The Virginia high school All-American and winner of the high jump competition at the 2010 USA Junior Championships combined with fellow sophomore quarterback Tyler Bray for big yardage against Montana (six catches, 146 yards, touchdown) and Cincinnati (10-156, TD) before the injury. This was no surprise given the flashes of playmaking brilliance he showed while making the SEC coaches’ all-freshman squad in 2010. Hunter played in all 13 games, starting twice, in his first year on campus; his 16 catches covered 415 yards (a stout 25.9 yards per reception) and seven touchdowns. After returning from injury in 2012, Hunter started all 12 games opposite fellow junior Cordarrelle Patterson, hauling in 1,083 yards and nine touchdowns on 73 catches. That total could have been much higher, as Hunter's usually reliable hands seemed to fail him the entire season.
    40 YARD DASH: 4.44 SEC
    BROAD JUMP: 136.0 INCH
    20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.33 SEC
    Prototypical height for an outside NFL receiver, though he will line up in the slot to test defenses over the middle. Straight-line speed appears more than sufficient for his size, can burst past corners down the sideline, and long strides that make it difficult for cornerbacks to recover once beaten. Varies his speed in routes to put defenses off balance, can accelerate with good foot quickness after a lull to create separation on digs and seam routes. Despite his size, possesses enough of a shimmy off the line to lose cornerbacks. Soft hands make him able to snatch throws in front of his frame or over either shoulder; will be threat on jump balls with his height and leaping ability.
    Has a limited number of snaps under his belt, needs to prove his hands are consistent when tested in a full season as a starter. Missed most of his second season with a torn left ACL. Must continue to get stronger throughout his frame to win battles at the line of scrimmage and break away from NFL tacklers. Blocking on run plays is inconsistent at best, shows little physicality in that realm.
    NFL Comparison
    Roy Williams
    Bottom Line
    Tennessee’s tall strider looked to be on his way to a breakout year (17 catches, 314 yards, two touchdowns in just over two games) in 2011 before tearing his left ACL. He missed no time in 2012, but Hunter apparently lost his reliable hands that were a staple of his game prior to the knee injury. It was confusing to watch, since many of the junior's mistakes were mental rather than physical limitations. Still, Hunter's ability to separate with smooth routes will likely land him on the second day of April's draft.
  4. Gunny

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    It's a fair bit. Not a bad pick, just a lot for him. We must really like him.
  5. acqua7

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    HALL OF FAME you mean!
  6. xpmar9x

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    Fudge it move up and get Tank lol
  7. Scarecrow

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    looks like he has some solid hands.

    Can some of you UT nut swingers provide a decent profile?
  8. TitanJeff

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    I wanted Tank. I think this clearly says the Titans have zero faith Britt will ever return to form or they don't plan on any investment in him long-term.
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  9. SoCalTitan867

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    We gave up 1 future pick. Not a huge deal. And that's assuming we can't get it back next year anyway. I've seen crazier things happen. What I'm saying is, IF ( huge if ) Britt finally plays to his potential and grows up do you want Britt, Wright and Hunter or Washington, Wright and Hunter. In a perfect world Washington is the odd man out.
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  10. Riverman

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    This is about titan ticket sales for UT nut-huggers.

    Sorry- just the way it is. We NEEDED pass rushing DE or CB. Not WR- we did that last year when we NEEDED OL. All my good feeling for Webster just got pissed away.
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