Titans 2nd Round Plans

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RavensShallBurn, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I'm ready to trade up for Courtney Upshaw, Devon Still, or Jerel Worthy. All those guys were in my Top 32 prospect and I had them as a 1st round grade. If we could land them in the 2nd, that would be a steal.
  2. Two Kings

    Two Kings NJ Titan

    1(33) Rams --
    2(34) Colts --
    3(35) Ravens (From Vikings) --
    4(36) Broncos (From Buccaneers) --
    5(37) Browns --
    6(38) Jaguars --
    7(39) Rams (From Redskins) --
    8(40) Panthers --
    9(41) Bills --
    10(42) Dolphins --
    11(43) Seahawks --
    12(44) Chiefs --
    13(45) Rams (From Cowboys) --
    14(46) Eagles --
    15(47) Jets --
    16(48) Patriots (From Raiders) --
    17(49) Chargers --
    18(50) Bears --
    19(51) Eagles (From Cardinals) --
    20(52) Titans --
    21(53) Bengals --
    22(54) Lions --
    23(55) Falcons --
    24(56) Steelers --
    25(57) Broncos --
    26(58) Texans --
    27(59) Packers --
    28(60) Ravens --
    29(61) 49ers --
    30(62) Patriots --
    31(63) Giants

    Thats what the second round looks like. Someone said we need teams to take 5 offensive players.

    I see Jets, Pats, Ravens, Bears, Eagles taking offensive players. This could be good for us. But then again Rams have 3 picks before us. It would suck if they took a good DT before us.
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    This second round is make or break, me thinks.

    THE_TITAN Starter

    Got a strong sense that we might trade up, possible targets being Janoris Jenkins, Devon Still, Jerel Worthy, Courtney Upshaw or maybe Peter Konz (unlikely).
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    Its Jeff Fisher ... His 2nd rounders are always busts. I feel bad for the Rams. 3 2nd rd busts in one draft will suck

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    This has to be today's plan, we must land a difference maker on defense.
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    I was thinking the same thing last night. Seems like there is an impending run on WRs and OTs ahead. Once the 49ers took Jenkins at 30, that meant there is one less WR for the needy offenses at the top of the second round and they might press a little bit.
  8. HeadOnASwivel

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    Some of you are cracking me up, talking about trading up, lol

    The Titans DON'T trade up ever, and the trend will continue.

    We also DON'T trade down, and that trend will continue.

    On a team with so many holes, trading up is counter intuitive.

    On a team with so many holes, trading down would be the way to go, but the F.O. is content with just staying where they are. Trading down must be too confusing for them or they are just too dumb to do so, either way we are staying put.

    That said, I think there will be many good players on the board when we pick so we have a great opportunity to get some holes filled. The question is will they see it and pick the right guy?

    All of us saw how the draft went, and it happens this way EVERY year... we are always surprised and MANY players slip and that will continue throughout round 2.

    If was stay put or even trade down we are going to be just fine.

    I can see these guys like Vinny Curry, Peter Konz, and some good corners on the board at #52. Not to mention the depth of the D-line, we can still, easily, end up with a Mike Martin, Derek Wolfe, Brandon Thompson just staying at #52.

    This is my long way of saying despite the F.O.'s unwillingness to trade down, I still think we have a great opportunity to get some fine players going forward.
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    Absolutely no reason to trade up and this couldn't have worked out much better for us. There are plenty of quality CBs, LBs, DEs and DTs still on the board. On top of that there are a number of other positions other teams will take ahead of us. We could see 3 WRs (Hill, Randall, Jeffreys), 3 or more OL guys (Glenn, Martin, Konz, Massie, Silatolu, Allen), and Fleener will be gone. There are a number of CBs of value like Hayward, Robinson, Johnson (S?) and Jenkins (I wouldn't want him but someone will). Still, Worthy, Reyes and Thompson are still out there. Upshaw, Curry and Branch. No way we miss on a real good guy. I could see us maybe trading up just a few picks to jump someone if they have a real high grade on a guy and he is close. But I doubt they do anything drastic.
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    He's terrible.