Post-Game Thread Titans 23, Ravens 20

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. ImATitan

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    My observations as I attended this game.

    Mariota was very good. He had the bad INT & missed a throw or 2, but he was overall very solid. Love how he responded to the pick. What did he do? Came out & lead the TD drive to ice the game. Ice cold baby. Marcus was great.

    Thought the OL was very good.

    Lots of complains about the offense stalling but honestly the Baltimore defense is so good. They were gonna bog down eventually.

    Wanna give some credit to Mularkey and Robiskie. I thought today's game was the best they've called this season. No gadget plays, no toss to Walker (lol) etc. The play-calling on offense was very solid today.

    Defense was lights out. Kevin Byard and Wesley Woodyard are playing out of their minds. Both deserve to go the pro bowl. Orakpo, Klug, Ryan, Casey & Adoree were good as well.

    Observations of being a Titans fan in the city

    As a tourist, I saw soooo much purple on Broadway. Having constantly heard about visiting fans infiltrating our stadium, I was very concerned about what I saw downtown Nashville all weekend.

    But I'd say today's stadium was 70% Titans fans. I'm very proud of what I saw from our fanbase today. I don't care what anyone says, this city is an NFL city. The Titans belong here, and as long as the team keeps moving in the right direction like they clearly are, it'll only get better.
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  2. Big Time Titan

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    Kevin MF Byard!
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  3. SalmonSlayer

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    It was a bad pass, threw it way out of reach, maybe he thought Rishard has Corey's speed to get to that spot? Nevertheless, came back and got us the winning TD to Decker.
  4. Backinmyday

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    I know you are an MM8 fan and you want him to play at a certain level right now, but I think you are a little too harsh on him. Has he made mistakes - yes. However, IMO, I think a lot has to do with the offense that he's in. This coaching staff doesn't call the right offense on a regular basis that can get a QB into a rhythm. The ole Run, Run and Pass offense makes it difficult for anyone to get into their stride, for that matter. However, when Robiskie and Co. have called more pass plays, he does quite well.

    On the other hand, when I look at Jared Goff I think he is one of the luckiest QBs in the league because he has a coach that understands his position and how to get the most out of him.
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  5. SuperMariota

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    When I'm critical of Marcus, I'm just trying to be balanced with my analysis with him on this forum so I don't come across as a complete homer. Which I am. I spend a lot of time trying to cover for him in here and I think it's warranted and justified. I have a gut feeling on why he struggles. Some is himself. A lot is coaching.

    I think a lot of things we see from him today wouldn't be the case if he was with the right staff. I think he plays in a system that is not fully utilizing what he has to offer. He has a lot of more to offer. Just not enough of creativity and I don't think they play fast enough so he never fully gets into the rhythm he could into.
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  6. Cajun_Titan_33

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    Good win!

    3 in a row is something to be proud of!

    Byard is the man we've wanted him to be! Super excited about this guy. Keep it up and I'll have a #31 Jersey at the end of the year! :nudgewink: Fingers Crossed for the Playoffs!

    Mariota's INT was inexcusable for that point in the game. If we weren't trying to put it away I wouldn't be as upset with it. But, that gave them momentum they didn't need to have! It looks like watching highlights it was a bad combination of judgment on Mariotas part and executed route on Matthews part. Cant really tell from the broadcast angle.

    Defense is doing its job. Keep it up!

    Let's keep this train rolling and let's *** Up Them Bengals next week! :wooo:
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  7. Titans2004

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    I love that we are winning and yet we aren't playing our best ball yet. The offense can certainly improve. For those complaining about run, run pass as our play calling. We were very balanced again today on 1st downs...we threw 12 times and ran it 11 times.

    Personally I think we need to be throwing it at a 3:1 ratio on first down.

    Of the 11 1st down runs that we had today...7 gained 3 or less....MM had one run for 7 yds and then Henry went for 10, 5 and 5. Murray was horrible today on 1st down.
  8. TitanJeff

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    I expect we see more Adoree on offense as the season wears on.

    Any injuries today?
  9. Fry

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    The problem is the offense going turtle in the second half.

    Five first down rushes in the second half for 6 yards.

    Three first down passes in the second half, two of which came on the last drive.

    They stopped trying to score until they had to.
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  10. Titanoiler51

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    Yep...that is old school and our coach is old school. Don't like it at all...but it is what we got