Titans #1 Seed in the AFC

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanMark, Nov 22, 2021.

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    Thank you !
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  2. Dangermode

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    Let’s all just look forward to the possibility of rolling into the playoffs with Henry, Julio, AJ, Golden Tate, a healthy O-line, Dupree, Autry, Simmons, Landry, Long Jr., Fulton, Jackrabbit, Molden, etc. if this team can get healthy, even with all the guys lost for the season, we could still make a run.
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  3. McNair9

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    To answer your questions in order
    You disagree with anyone who questions anything about the state of this team. Don’t say anything negative about the Titans god forbid.
    Never did I say this team was finished nor am I on some impending mission to secure the teams doom. Like usual putting words in people’s mouths because I stated we could be in trouble with all the injuries
    With the way the Colts are playing right now they absolutely could beat anyone remaining on their schedule. Will they? I have no idea but they damn sure could.
    No the Titans will not go winless. However unless we get healthy real quick we could lose to anybody remaining on the schedule and we just proved that.
    And once again never in any post did I say the Colts would over take the division with ease. I stated with the current state of this team to me the Colts are a threat to us. Tell me on our schedule where you guarantee 3 more wins?
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  4. TitanMark

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    I do not disagree with anyone who questions the state of this team. I acknowledge the poor state of our team. I call out a loser mentality. Fans of winning teams don’t fold like cheap lawn chairs at the first adversity. Vrabel has built a culture in the locker room. Fan bases build a culture too. You can continue to think being negative makes you some kind of more intelligent fan or something, but I’m choosing to find reasons why we will win. NFL team are going to lose a few games. Super Bowl teams lose games. I freaked out on Vrabel after the Jets loss. Look what they did. Look at how they responded after that. Did they not impress you?

    Your opinion of the “ way the Colts are playing” is an example of exactly what I’m saying. How are they playing? Patriots also… who the **** have they beat? But somehow they are SuperTeams now. Wentz just threw for 107 years…. WOO HOO. MVP there buddy. Yea yea I know Jonathan Taylor…Mr MVP. Whatever….

    You did, regardless of what you say call for their demise. It’s in your attitude and the words you write. Your hedging just a tad, but if the Colts took the division you would be the first in here proclaiming loudly how you called it. “ I told y’all” etc etc

    My prediction is the Titans lose this weekend but a win won’t surprise me. It will be close. they don’t lose another game until Pittsburgh which I’m not sure about yet. If they win this weekend, which they can, they may not lose unless they get beat by Pittsburgh. 4-2 at worst. Titans finish 12-5
    Colts will finish the year 3-3. Which means 9-8. But the Colts will lose to the Buccaneers this weekend. BANK IT. Taylor will look like **** and that shine will come off.
  5. MrBean

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    We do have a history of playing down to our opponents level, but right now, you can still throw in injuries because of the extent of them. It's not like we are injured and only playing backups. We are playing the backups of those backups, to the backups.

    When you are literally pulling people in that week (and not off your practice squad) to play that weekend, you are going to have issues.
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  6. Ontario Titan

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    Patriots are the media's darling right now...they have beat Jets twice, Houston (both of which we lost to), Falcons, Browns and LAC

    Not exactly top opponents

    I can't wait until we are fully healthy
  7. Titansman1

    Titansman1 Time To Start Crushing!

    I’m not saying injuries aren’t coming into play. I’m saying that this is a long running problem. Even if we were 100% we would have more than likely lost to the Texans anyway. It’s a long running pattern.

    We weren’t that dinged up yet in week 4 when we lost to the zero win Jets, or last year when we lost to the zero win Bengals. we were pretty dinged up when we beat the Bills, Rams and Saints but then lost in embarrassing fashion to the one win Texans. Are you seeing the pattern yet?
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  8. Tricky

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    Week 12 Wishlist

    Titans over Patriots
    Bucs over Colts
    Saints over Bills
    Browns over Ravens
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  9. Doc

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    All very possible.
  10. Riverman

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    I’m not panicking. We basically rested key players in both of those losses. Winning is always better but resting players and taking an unexpected loss isn’t a horrible strategy. I’d have preferred to lose against NFC teams but our AFC losses most likely won’t hurt us in tie breakers. It’s a marathon and to get to the end prize we need our key players at their best.
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