Titan fans remember; there's 4 quarters

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    My first ever "Titans" game, I left early to get to a Phish show in Murphreesboro. It was '98 vs. the Steelers at Vandy. I remember sitting next to this annoying Stooler fan all day, having to him cheer for basically the whole game. We left with about a minute to go in the game and the Oilers looking like they weren't going to pull it out. In the parking lot, I heard the stadium erupt at Del Greco kicked a field goal to give the Oilers the lead. A few seconds later, the stadium erupted again when Pittsburgh fumbled the ball in the end-zone on the kickoff and the Oilers scored.

    So mad I didn't get the opportunity to see that in person and give it to that annoying Steelers fan. I vowed to never leave a game early again, even for Phish.

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    The best feeling is on the road watching the home team leave early, loved that in Baltimore a few years ago.
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    This is why I stay away from the game thread. Everybody overreacting over every single play.

    After every 3 and out results in "Fire Loggains"
    After every big play we give up "Fire Gray"
    After every bad pass "Locker sucks"
    After every bad run "Cut CJ2K"

    It's almost amusing. :banjump:
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    It was hilarious how all our dumb fans were leaving after the Hunter TD.

    Same clowns who left the Lions game last year. Same clowns who left before the Music City Miracle happened.

    If you leave a 3 point game with 15 seconds left, you don't know the NFL.

    All those laterals really gave me a scare, but it was entertaining and too bad for those dummies who missed it.
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    it's a shame people leave early. This past summer I was down in orlando at orange lake resort on vacation and I ran in to someone who was at the giants titans game in 06 with the miracle 24 point comeback. Now I don't live in Nashville or in Ten, so I go to games maybe 1 every year but I have nfl ticket so i watch the games at home. Anyways, this guy tells me he left after the 3rd quarter and regretted it. My response " YOU FOOL"