Time to trade Nate

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TorontoTitanFan, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Nate very well could be the difference in Locker being a Titan or not next year though.
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    And just what do the ratbirds have that you want??? Their defense looked PITIFUL last night.
  3. Kaeotik

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  4. TorontoTitanFan

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    I'm surprised so many of you hold such a conservative opinion. Nate Washington is just a guy. The fact that he's the most dependable receiver on the Titans is not proof that he's a particularly valuable asset -- it's an indictment of the Titans' drafting these past few years.

    This is a sink or swim year for Locker, as we all agree. If he can't swim with two first-rounders and a high second-rounder catching his passes, then he can't swim no matter who you put around him.

    Regardless of whether Locker succeeds or fails this year, Nate's presence on the team beyond 2013 is unlikely. He's just too expensive and he's not getting younger. Wright and Hunter have to get on the field.

    This is an opportunity for the Titans to get something of real value (maybe a 4th or a 3rd rounder, plus a conditional pick) for a player who isn't part of the future. I would jump on it.

    But I respect all your opinions. Ir really shows how hungry people are for any shred of success that you're all unwilling to sell off even a tiny part of the present for a brighter future.
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    Well, i'd listen to what they have to offer. Since he was just named a captain of the team, I seriously doubt they trade him. Now, if they offered a 3rd rounder - i'm all in, but Ozzie isn't that stupid.

    They'd be smarter to sign Brandon Lloyd.
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    id radther trade for bird on buff, we could use all the d help we can get!
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    It's a tough call. I have been a proponent of dumping Nate, but he is a leader of the team and consistent WR. He is not immediately replaceable in terms of experience, consistency and leadership.

    I think the Titans are thinking about this season more than anything right now. That means keeping Nate.

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    You have to see the bigger picture.
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    Normally, I'd be right there with you on this. But again my thing is that this staff is going to be handed their walking papers if we don't have a good season (possibly if we don't reach the playoffs). So it just wouldn't make sense to trade away such a reliable guy, a guy who was just voted captain by his teammates, when they have to win NOW.

    "Building for the future" sounds nice and everything. But make no mistake about it, Munch and Co.'s #1 priority is doing everything they can to ensure that they have jobs next year. And sure you can say it's ultimately up to the GM and his job is safer than Munch's. But all indications are that Munch and Webster have a good relationship. So I can't see Webster making a move like this, especially at this point, without Munch signing off on it.

    Also, I think we'd be lucky to get a 4th for Nate. Can't see a 3rd happening.
  10. Finnegan2win

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    So trade a known value and dependable contributor for an unknown value and unknown reliability?

    Nah. I'll take consistency over "potential", Fisher sure left his mark..
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