Time of Possession Improved for Titans

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    SUMMARY: Among the stats this season which have improved over this point in the 2006 season is time of possession. After three games, only New England, Baltimore and Pittsburgh have held the ball more during games. "It feels good, and you know that we're doing it because we're winning games," G Benji Olson said. "That's how you win games. Control the clock and keep the other offense off the field. That way they don't score points. We score more, and that's the way you win." Currently, the Titans are averaging 33:25, more than three minutes better than Sunday's opponent, the Atlanta Falcons (1-3). The Titans are converting 48.6 percent of their third downs as well. "So we just need to continue that," Fisher said. "It has a chain reactioneffect, because what it does is let your defense rest. And then your defense is more efficient and effective in the later part of the game."

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    Without Travis, I expected our possession time to decrease, at least in the eyes of the PD.
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