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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky There are mornings in a football player's life that are especially important.
    Dunta Robinson said he had trouble sleeping Tuesday night, because Wednesday morning had a Christmas-feel to it.
    Thursday morning will be more important, as the Texans monitor how he feels after his first practice suffering a horrible knee and hamstring injury last Oct. 4.
    "Well, watching his work (while he was on PUP) after we would practice and stuff, he looked very much like he was ready to play," Gary Kubiak said. "We put him in a competitive environment today and saw the same thing. Right now what you're hoping is that you wake up tomorrow morning and there are no setbacks, he feels good, and then we move forward."
    The Texans are planning on using him, just not extensively.
    "I think what we have to do is probably either say we are going to play him in nickel or play him in base, but he is only going to play 15 to 18 plays," Kubiak said. "We've got to strictly put a play count on him and bring him along like he's starting the preseason."
    Coming off their first win of the season, if the Texans have Robinson back in uniform should give the Texans a boost.
    "When he's out there, the other team knows that he's a great player," cornerback DeMarcus Faggins said. "So, it kind of gives confidence for the whole team, offense and defense and special teams just to know we've got another great player out there on the field."

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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