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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titanium, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Titanium

    Titanium TITANFN Staff

    So I've read a lot of articles and predictions concerning the game today against the Jets. I have yet to find one person or website predict a Titan's victory.

    I'm not going to whine about the lack of respect the Titans receive because the Titans need to earn that respect. They can go a long way to do that by kicking the Jets today.

    If the Titans pull out a victory today, attitudes will change towards this team. But the Titans have to win. Build the respect one game at a time.

    Kill the Jets!
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  2. Dman

    Dman Starter

    I will say, Herm and Mark from NFL Live predicted we would win
  3. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    "Jets luck has run out"


    I don't see why you think beating the media circle Jets would get us respect.

    We would probably have to beat the Broncos and then the Seahawks in a doubleheader to get a slide on Sportscenter.

    Beating the Jets will get us less respect than beating the Chargers.
  4. Barnybyrd

    Barnybyrd Starter

    Everyone on ESPN except for Keyshon Johnson picked us. He said at the begining of the year we would win only 5 games.
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  5. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    This game scares me worse than the Chargers.

    This feels like the kind of game this team blows. Maybe we have turned a corner though.
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  6. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    Yep. There are no guarantees in the nfl. Even more so with the titans.
  7. Dman

    Dman Starter


    Could be a trap game but if we are going to be a good football team we are going to have to win this game. It is good to have a game like this at this part of the season. It will really define how well this team has improved in the offseason
  8. Titanium

    Titanium TITANFN Staff

    Good to see that *some* analyst have the Titans winning. I've learned from experience that I never think that the Titans will win a game. When our opponent seems like a sure win, we get bit. So, yes I think the Titans need to win this game convincingly.
  9. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    I'll be satisfied if we have 1 more point than the Jets when 0:00 rolls down the 4th quarter. The W is all that matters.
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  10. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Beav Champion

    I don't think we get much more respect for beating the Jets today. I think the Titans and Jets are viewed very similarly right now. I.E. No one really knows if we're legit or just having a good/lucky run.

    So if we win the story is probably going to be more "Well the Jets were just pretenders" than "These Titans are for real". I think it's going to take a win against the Chiefs next week before we start getting real respect/buzz.
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