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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Tide, they offered us a 2nd and a 3rd round pick to move all the way up to #19. No way we take that deal.

    I'd like to know what the heck is wrong with the Griffin pick? Like he is some kind of crap pick or something? The worst player in the NFL is being replaced by a STUD with exceptional work ethic and character. Both of the last two SB championship teams had guys like him playing S for them. We may have just gone from the S position being a burden to being one of the strengths on our team.
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  3. GoTitans3801

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    I've got no criticisms of the griffen pick. Low on the radar, clearly caught a lot of people by surprise, but he fits a need that the coaching staff had been downplaying for a long time. I presume that the FO thinks pacman will be back, and if that's the case, our secondary will look great when he's back.
  4. TitanJeff

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    The only way I make that trade is for the Browns #2, #3 and an '08 #2.
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    Maybe we were OFFERED a 2 and a 3 this year for the pick, but Jerry Jones knew he had the Browns right where he wanted them. Savage found out at Jacksonville's spot (pre-trade down) that Baltimore was trying to move up. If MR asked for what Jones asked for, we almost definitely get it (assuming he can play hardball like Jones did). Remember, we're also higher up in the first rnd so trading up to 19 would be worth more anyway.

    We probably could have used one of our 4th rnd picks to move up higher into rnd 1 (like Dallas did) to get a Spencer or even Griffin in the mid-late 20's after Quinn was off the board.

    So we would have gotten a likely top 10 1st rnd pick PLUS the guy we got (or at worst another player on par at another position of need...Spencer at DE, Bowe or Meachem, Houston at CB).

    We sure know how to let talent slip through our fingers!!!

    Dallas got the first rnd pick next year AND the guy they wanted anyway (Spencer)!

    I would say they outplayed us, but we excused ourselves from the game!

    The Titans need to learn how to do this stuff to get the most talent for the team.

    And this has nothing to do with Griffin per se, but it has to do with taking a player who's rated as highly as he is AND getting a top 10 first rnd pick next year (with which we could get a stud WR or DE)!

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