The Titans have named Jake Locker their starting QB

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    Thought this was gonna be fake
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    I thought it was fake, then thought it was real then thought it was fake again, then realized it was real. yay
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    The Titans have decided on their starting quarterback for the 2012 season – it’s Jake Locker, according to sources familiar with the situation.

    Locker, the team’s first round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, competed with veteran Matt Hasselbeck during the course of the offseason and in the preseason.

    Titans Coach Mike Munchak said on Sunday he planned to name a starter on Monday. According to sources, the Titans have decided on Locker. An official announcement is expected later on Monday .

    Locker will start the team’s preseason finale on Thursday against the Cardinals.

    More importantly, he’ll be behind center for the regular season opener on September 9 against the Patriots.

    Locker started his first NFL game on Friday at Tampa Bay, and didn’t play well. He completed just 4-of-11 passes for 21 yards and a touchdown in the team’s 30-7 win over the Buccaneers.

    Locker has completed 11-of-24 (45.8 percent) passes for 101 yards and an interception in the preseason while Hasselebeck is 9-of-14 (64.3 percent) for 74 yards and two interceptions in the two games. Locker’s passer rating in the preseason is 40.5, compared to 38.1 for Hasselbeck.

    Overall, however, Locker has had a solid training camp.

    On Sunday, Munchak said he thought Locker did a nice job bouncing back after his struggles on Friday. Munchack could not be reached for comment on Monday morning.

    “We talked about the (Tampa Bay) game and watched it. There are a lot of things that you can turn a lot of ways in games. He made mistakes early but came back and made better decisions later on when he had the same decision to make. Like when he took off and ran, after we converted on a third and eight and had a first down and we had a penalty on holding and now we are third and 18, there was no one open and he got enough yards for us to make the field goal,’’ Munchak said of Locker. “He made good decisions after he made a couple of bad ones. I think you can find the positive in a lot of things and you want to see how guys handle struggling. Like today he had a couple bad practices and how he bounced back. I think that is another part of the equation. You have to look at the quarterback spot for both of those guys and other positions. In this league you are going to have some days and games that will not start the way they want them to. You hope you have less of those than a lot of those but you have to learn how to deal with that too.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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    Finally! Now we can see if this kid is the future for real. I hope he is everything everyone is hoping he is. I want to be shocked and amazed by high efficiency and on the fly inventiveness.

    Go Titans!
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    Not going to lie. I wanted Hasslebeck to start due to the early schedule, but whatever
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    Well this decision was obviously made before our lasted season game haha. Time to sink or swim with Jake. Couldn't be any happier right now.
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    Interesting.....very interesting
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    WOW...I have to say, I honestly didn't see this coming after Friday's performance.

    Nonetheless, I'm glad this is behind us and hope Jake can continue to improve!
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    It sure is. I'm thinking it will do wonders for Jake though. Just think, this has to send a message that the team believes in him, and believe he will correct mistakes in a timely manner and be the leader of our offense for years to come. Love this kid! Hope he works out well so bad!!!
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