The Super Unofficial What Jazz Tune Are You Listening To Thread

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by titanbuoy, Nov 7, 2009.

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    In 1966, our family moved back to Hawaii.
    We left Panama City, Florida that summer when school let out.
    Yea, that was pretty hard to take. From one beach to another.

    After we settled in, my older brother started college and got a job as a DJ for a local FM station.
    Back then, FM was mostly classical, but Rock was just getting it's legs from AM.
    This was the start of the 'low, mellow DJ's', the quiet ones that played the long version of songs.

    The station he worked for was in the process of changing its format from classical to Rock, and he was pretty excited about the change.
    One day he came into my room and said he had a 'stack' ( a 'stack' is how everyone referred to their album collection back then...) of albums they were tossing out due to the format switch.
    The albums were mostly some 'jazz' types, and classical pieces.
    I admit I wasn't very excited, but took them anyway. ( made my 'stack' look bigger anyway)

    Some time during this period, I was bored and decided to give some of the jazz stuff a listen.
    One album in particular stood out and got into my head.
    The sax and vocals were sooooooo smooth, the whole album just fit together.
    Stan Getz "The Sound", Joao Gilberto (1964) classic album was what I had stumbled upon.
    This is the song that started it all for me; my journey to the land of Bird, Miles, Montgomery and the like.
    A timeless, moving song captured at the right time.
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Thread Status:
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