The real reason Billys gone

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Sep 21, 2006.

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    I think Fisher's comments this week points to someone who is clearly on the defensive for the decision. He made the call and is now taking the heat.

    Though I felt the move desperate from the beginning, I can understand the move if Fisher felt Volek didn't give him the opportunity to win. If faced with a decision to go with someone you felt couldn't get the job done and someone you felt that could, it would be insane to not go with whoever gives you the best chance to win.

    Where my opinion differs from yours is that you felt Collins never gave the Titans a better opportunity to win where I think the decision is justified if Fisher felt Volek wasn't the answer though don't understand the timing.

    Actually, I think this story goes much deeper. Chow has years of work with QBs. He knows talent. He's seen Volek run his offense for a year now. Based on the Titans talking with the Vikes on Culpepper in March and rumors of discussions with Collins going back to April, I think there were doubts Volek was going to be the #1 from the moment it didn't look like McNair would redo his deal.

    As to why the Titans waited as late as they did to make the move baffles me. Maybe Collins' price was too high. Maybe Reese wanted to give Volek a full training camp because he felt he would have been a better option than Collins. There could have been some clashing of egos over at Baptist Sports Park on this issue for some time and it took some obvious misreads by Volek in the preseason to show Reese he wasn't the answer.

    Notice Underwood is sent to town about the time Collins is signed? I don't believe that is just coincidence. But that is another thread which should be in the rumor mill.

    I don't know how much we've truly seen of the Chow offense since we've not seen a running game for nearly two years and fall behind so often. But I see your point. Chow's offense doesn't appear to fit McNair, Volek or Collins' style.

    Based on what we've seen so far when Young is in the game, Chow is adapting the offense more to Young's strengths. Let's hope that continues.
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    It had better.

    After all, he's going to be the guy in the years to come.
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