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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Carpy, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Carpy

    Carpy Disgruntled foreign veteran

    I don't have a problem with anyone criticizing the Titans draft, provided they are able to clearly state what they should have done better.

    And right now, everyone's opinion is just that.

    So - to give everyone an opportunity to prove how much smarter than Mike Reinfeldt they really are - here's your chance to say exactly what you would have done as the draft unfolded. (for the sake of comparison - presume that the Titans picks were as they finally lay - including the trade up in the fourth round).

    PLEASE - NO COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD (Like, I would have much prefered THAT Draft).

    I'll happily bump this thread in 12 months/2years/3 years time to see who actually would have done better.

    And, if you aren't willing to put your opinion in here - you have no right to bash our front office in my view.
  2. Carpy

    Carpy Disgruntled foreign veteran

    I'll go first.

    Rd 1 - Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State (Titans Pick - Chris Johnson)
    Rd 2 - Jason Jones, DE, Eastern Michigan (Titans Pick - Jason Jones)
    Rd 3 - Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia (Titans Pick - Craig Stevens)
    Rd 4a - Jack Williams, CB, Kent State (Titans Pick - William Hayes)
    Rd 4b - Roy Schuening, OG, Oregon State (Titans Pick - Lavelle Hawkins)
    Rd 4c - Stanford Keglar, LB, Purdue (Titans Pick - Stanford Keglar)
    Rd 7 - Lionel Dotson, DT, Arizona (Titans Pick - Cary Williams)
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  3. maximus

    maximus Starter

    Overall, I'm happy with the draft. I would have liked to see CB address earlier than round 7. I don't think that a TE was the wisest use of a 3 pick, but with Crumpler's injuries last year, I don't want to have to pull some practice squad player to take Crumpler's spot if he goes down.

    The Chris Johnson pick addresses 2 needs IMO. WR and RB. Remember John Simon. Now imagine John Simon with 4.2 40 and some moves. Imagine the possibilities with these players
    TE - Crumper
    RB - White
    RB split out - Johnson
    WR - JMac/Williams/Jones
    WR - Gage
  4. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I assume we can't take anyone chosen ahead of the Titans pick. ;)

    Here's my go:

    Rd 1 - Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson
    Rd 2 - Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M
    Rd 3 - Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida
    Rd 4a - Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
    Rd 4b - Jack Ikegwuonu, CB, Wisconsin
    Rd 4c - Stanford Keglar, LB, Purdue
    Rd 7 - Justin Forsett, RB, California
  5. Titan Yapper

    Titan Yapper Starter

    I do like the draft but I do think the Titans misfired a bit after round 2

    I love the first two picks. But the third I was surprised on the TE. Small schools are also a big risk. Bobby Beatherd was a small school guy but after being successful early in his career drafting small school guys he missed a lot at the end of his career. Which I think ended his career.

    It will be interesting. I think receiver was overrated for us I think Davis plays better this year and and Vince is better with Dinger. He will roll out of the pocket a lot more making our receivers tougher to cover.

    Now can August get here in a hurry.
  6. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    Good thread idea.

    Only thing is, I guess I'll post two. One draft, in thinking that I don't know what picks will come following each pick. Another thinking that I know every pick that is going to occur in the draft. If that didn't make sense, basically we all know now that the Titans could take Mario Manningham in the 3rd round. If I didn't know that for a fact, I would take a wr in the 1st.

    Re-do Draft #1
    1) DeSaun Jackson - WR, Cal
    2) Pat Sims - DT, Auburn
    3) Steve Slaton- RB, West Virginia
    4) Xavier Adibi- LB, VaTech
    4) Jonathan Wilhite- CB, Auburn
    4) Frank Okam- DT, Texas
    7) Mario Urrutia- WR, Louisville

    Re-do Draft #2
    1) Phillip Merling- DE, Clemson
    2) Patrick Lee- CB, Auburn
    3) Mario Manningham- WR, Michigan
    4) Red Bryant- DT, Texas A&M
    4) Jacob Tamme- TE, Kentucky
    4) Zachary Bowman- CB, Nebraska
    7) Justin Forsett- RB, Cal
  7. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    1. devin thomas wr
    2. jamal charles rb
    3. craig stevens te
    4. william hayes de if washburn likes him there has to be something there.
    4. tony hills ot
    4. zack bowman cb
    7. wesley woodyard olb
  8. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    1) Brandon Flowers, VT
    2) Quentin Groves, AUBURN
    3) Mario Manningham, MICHIGAN
    4) Red Bryant, Texas A&M
    4b) Lavelle Hawkins (I liked the pick)
    4c) Keglar (I liked the pick)
    7) DJ Hall or Dotson
  9. Ubiq

    Ubiq BAMF

    1.) Chris Johnson - RB, ECU
    2.) Jason Jones - DT/DE, Eastern Michigan
    3.) Mario Manningham - WR, Michigan
    4a.) Xavier Adibi - LB, Va. Tech
    4b.) Orlando Scandrick - CB, Boise St.
    4c.) Brian Johnston - DE, Gardner-Webb
    7.) Marcus Monk - WR, Arkansas


    Wesley Woodyard - LB/SS, Kentucky
    Eric Young - G, Tennessee
    Danny Woodhead - RB, Chadron State
    Vince Hall - ILB, Va. Tech
  10. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    1. Chris Johnson TD machine- Didn't want any of the WR's here. Maybe a bit of a reach, but I thought a pick like this could really help the O and ST's. I'm excited.

    2. Jason Jones DL - Really like Earl Bennett here, but it's hard to argue that a pass rush isn't more important for this team. Apparently he can rush from inside and out, maybe be a Kevin Carter or Justin Tuck flexable type. Maybe a bit early on this pick too? Again, I'm excited.

    3. Andre Caldwell WR - I hope Lavell is a steal, but I'd rather have Caldwell today. Speed, decent size, versatile....just looks like he has a better shot at being better than what we've already got.

    4. Red Bryant DT - I like his potential, and he's worth it here especially with our lack of DT depth. But maybe the team plans to use Jones more as a DT....although he wouldn't be used the same as Red. Maybe they think last year's DT pick (Johnson) can offer some size and and still have quicknes at the position.

    4. Kellen Davis - TE Doesn't sound like the blocker Stevens is, but sounds like just as much of a potential receiving threat. Supposedly has the room to bulk up, possibly getting him closer to Steven's blocking.

    4. Jonathan Goff - LB who I think can play anywhere. Was all over the field when I saw him, and I think he has just as much potential if not more than Keglar to be an OLB of the future.

    7. Marcus Monk WR - Maybe a luxury pick? I don't care, I think he has too much potential to let get by here.

    I'm definitely not making big complaints about the Titans draft. A few things seem questionable to me, but many of these picks look to have the potential to make the "experts" eat crow.
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