The problem with Locker and our offense.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Dec 7, 2012.

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    He struggles against the blitz really bad. He has the worst completion percentage in the NFL against the blitz, .480, and this causes the running game to struggle as well. Until he can succesfully complete passes or move the ball against the blitz on a consistent basis, he will never be an effective or winning qb.

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    Got a link? I know you make up numbers so link or youre a liar.
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    If true, once he becomes older, the game will slow down for him and he'll see more success vs. the blitz. Locker has a bright future, I'm not worried in the slightest.
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  4. GoT

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    I find it hard too believe 48% is the lowest in the NFL vs the blitz.

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    Titanswillwin2 lies to make himself look good, it's worse than when Deuce Wayne makes outrageous claims.
  6. SlidePiece

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    I don't ever see any easy outs for Locker during blitzes. He needs someone in the flat or a short slant or come-back to go to on just about every play. That would greatly improve his completion percentage and prevent losses and throw always durring a blitz. He might already have those and just isn't recognizing it in time, or maybe he should be reading the blitz and audible into a play like that. Whether he's doing what he needs to do or not, it needs to be addressed. A young QB like Jake should always have a go-to guy when the play breaks down or when everyone is covered.
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    if the wrs didnt drop the balls all the time it might be a little higher
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    this is likely a brand stat....or just completely that i mean its like how every brand of cars has the number 1 car...or every cereal is number 1 cereal...he may have the .48 percentage worst in the nfl on by way of hes .48 percent on second down with the wind to his back and when a squirrel is pooping in a nearby tree with a elephant...
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    Locker is 1-11 with 2 picks when I'm feeding my cat, Ray Lewis. Worst in the league.
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    Have some stats related to this from PFF.

    Locker is next to last (Sanchez) in the league when throwing under pressure at a 40.4% completion rate...

    BUT, this is a small sample size, and...

    Jake has attempted 47 passes under pressure with 19 completions, 3 throw aways, 1 dropped pass, 4 times hit as the ball is thrown, 2 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions.

    Hasselbeck has attempted 42 passes under pressure with 22 completions, 5 throw aways, 3 dropped passes, 0 times hit as the ball is thrown, 0 touchdowns, and three interceptions.

    Hasselbeck has the 10th best completion percentage in the league under pressure at 52.4%. Blaine Gabbert has the 3rd best percentage league wide at 57.7%. Andrew Luck is bottom tier of the league with 43.3%. This is why we have our panties in a wad? Should we offer something to Jacksonville for Gabbert? Will he fix our problems? I'm sure Jacksonville would listen to offers.

    Again, this is a small small sample size, but if Locker's attempts were extrapolated to Luck's (most attempts under pressure at 157), Locker would be in the upper echelon of the league in touchdowns while under pressure. How do you win at football again?

    The point is there are too many variables (What about runs for positive yardage?) and too much inconsistency when you really look at these stats.
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