The Potential Impact of Corey Davis

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Nov 7, 2017.

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    On Sunday, the Ravens stayed in their base defense the majority of the game. Reason? Little respect for the Titans passing game. It’s nothing new. It’s been how teams have played the Titans as long as I can remember.

    Teams will continue to load the box on first/second down until the Titans force change.

    Surprisingly, the Titans are 10th in the league in rushing with a 117.9 yards per game average. But I don’t think the run game has been consistent most of the season. Murray isn't as explosive as last year though is only averaging .2 yards per carry less than Henry.

    No doubt the Titans pass rank of #27 has to improve if the Titans are to contend in January. Assuming Mariota stays healthy, I think Davis' impact is only second to Mariota's.

    Right now, defenses don’t respect the Titans WRs. If Davis can begin to make some big plays, we’re going to see safeties taking a step or two off the line. It not only hopefully gives other receivers more space, it opens up room for the run game.

    That’s a lot to put on a rookie who hasn’t been healthy. Hopefully, he’s on the right track by playing more snaps than anticipated Sunday.

    Get some solid production from Davis the second half and I think the Titans total offense makes a big jump from their current ranking of #20. Of course, it means Robiskie opens the playbook and gives him the opportunity.

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    Titans are fundamentally flawed starring with the coaches. It's not in them to throw the ball..

    Jon Robinson on the other hand seems like he gets it, so maybe in a year or two changes are made to utilize all this offensive fire power were suppose to have..
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    With the Bengal's offense being dead last in the league, I don't see the Titans opening the playbook much on Sunday. It might be one of those 12-9 games.

    But against the Steelers, I don't how the Titans can stay with them if they don't pass the football. That Steeler offense is just too explosive.

    The Titans scheme only seems to work when games stay close. I also think they've been very focused on protecting Mariota. Go down by 14 and they won't have a choice. Of course, then the element of surprise is gone.
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    Davis helps more than just with ability. With him, Dougie and Tajae injured it meant our number 3 WR was a raw rookie and the number 4 is a special team specialist. With Davis back it will be easier to run multiple WR sets which will pull teams out of their base D more.
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    If we can get ahead by 10 points, we can dominate this (and any) game. Byard as a ball hawk and AJax and Ryan should be able defend well enough. We are still vulnerable to the TE with our ILB’s. I’d add Jayon Brown’s development and coverage skills as a critical part of our chances.
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    wrong the problem is we get a lead then play bend but dont break soft defense. Our teams philosophy is get a lead and then protect it. We rely very heavily ob getting first downs on 3rd and long and not giving up a big play

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    I can't fully emphasize how much our offensive scheme limits every person involved in the passing game. How much of a difference will Davis make when we ask him to get open on a play designed like this....
    IMG_20171107_094121.jpg Basically 2wrs vs 6 defenders.. What is this malarkey that I don't see any other offenses running with a competent qb? Even with Davis back I still don't see things opening up for this offense.
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    gotta set up that play action... this was a completion for a good gain... no?
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    If I'm a defensive coordinator, I'm defending the pass against us. Murray is pretty much done and Henry hasn't really shown anything yet.

    Why load up the box to slow down the run?

    The piss poor run game will ultimately make it harder for our WR's to get open.

    The only way Davis will have any type of success at this point is by having Taylor, Matthews, Davis and Walker all on the field at the same time.
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    It looks that way because teams have been over focusing on the pass with us.