The Official "Someone Needs To Get Axed" Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KamikaZ, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. We need to dump both safeties, as well as Kassell. If Sirmon is going to be healthy enough and takes a pay cut, I'm OK keeping him. But he's not lock to come back.

    Hopkins and Olson are both gone, replaced by Bell and Stewart (hopefully). Hartwig too if he wants big money. Trade Volek (if possible) and draft a future starter to learn from McNair. Maybe trade Kinney.
  2. GoT

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    Schwartz should have been audio/video QC boy instead of DC. Demote or fire - total embarassment

    Every Defensive position coach except Washburn - DL was the only unit that improved as the season progressed.


    Hopkins, Piller, Hartwig and possibly Olsen need to go (not taking CAP into consideration) and that is just OL
    Tyrone Schfico, Kinney, Henry, Volek, Chris Brown


    I'll give DL a miss
    Sirmon, Boiman, Kassell, Reynolds and Bulluck - can't think of a LB that has to be kept. KB should be making plays at the LOS instead of downfield. All those tackles are very misleading IMO
    Thompson, Williams, Beckham, Nickey, Woolfolk, Gradner, Waddell - dump the whole backwards dancing, skirt wearing sissyfied girly man bunch of the DB's

    Course I could just be PO'd cause of the weak Lambda, Lambda, Lambda D today
  3. Fry

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    why kinney?
  4. KamikaZ

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    To make room for Troupe?

    I'd love for Kinney to stay; he's still a very solid player on most fronts, and his blocking far elipses Troupe's at this point.
  5. Fry

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    i think troupe and kinney are two different animals. troupe is a guy you can get in the seams and will break tackles after the catch who can also be split out wide. kinney is more of a blocker who is a good receiver in the flats and short zones. i dont think kinney should be cut/traded just to make room for someone who is a completely different player.

    now, if troupe was the same type of player as kinney, and he had similar production, then by all means get rid of kinney.
  6. Gunny

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    If Troupe improves his blocking I am all for trading Kinney.
  7. If they think Gunther is good enough to deserve playing time, I could see Kinney moved for a decent draft pick. Not because Kinney isn't worth having, but because we have depth at the position.
  8. GLinks

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    Kinney for a third if Guenther deserves time. Could be the right time to test the market with Kinney.
    Henry for a third
    Volek for a third.

    I'd take the picks where I could get them and bring in FA OL, S, LB with the saved cap space. I can see making cases for turning over lots of roster spots.
  9. Titanium

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    Schwartz (coaching)

    Watterson (coacing) - I know that this won't be a popular choice, but I think there is something flawed with our conditioning program even though it did seem to improve this year. Time for some new blood

    Lowry saved his job this year, I've been hounding to get rid of him for 4 years, but we finally have pretty good special teams production.

    Sirmon - After signing the new contract, he's done almost nothing in my opinion. A real disappointment
    Mauck - had his chance, and blew it

    ok I'll stop now, I think at this point I would cut the whole team regardless of cap implications ect.... I know my list isn't realistic and I could definately keep adding to it......
  10. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Can anyone post a list or even a link that describes the contract status for each player? Replacing guys is all good but what about cap hits? Doesn't that just hurt even more in the long run sometimes?

    I really don't know about some of these...seems that you spend all your signing money on cap hits instead of impact players.

    Schwartz can suck it.
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