The Chiefs opponents thus far.

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    We'll go out there motivated to win the first game without Locker. Fitz is a solid QB, I don't think he's horrible but I also don't think he's going to do that well against this Chief's defense. Our defense is going to have to win the game and the running game needs to score once or twice.
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    That's completely true. Still, different team. Different situation. All I'm saying is let's give the guy a chance. A lot of people were being really unfair to him yesterday IMO. I think they were taking their frustration over the Locker injury out on him. He came in cold off the bench, with a non-existent run game, against a very good defense and threw a TD and didn't turn the ball over. Oh, and we won the game. I really don't get what a lot of people were expecting.
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    You have NO idea what's coming your way.
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    At least he'll get a full week in with the first team. Hopefully he can get enough games in to be comfortable and on time with the receiving core.

    I'm bummed Locker is out, it blows because he was finally showing some good play and consistency. That said, I'm gonna see what Fitz can do. Our D has been solid so we still have a shot at this game. I need a win, a bunch of buddies are coming to town for the weekend and there's another Titans fan and a Chiefs fan, we need this win.

    That said, I'm SUPER PISSED. Now I'm going to drive 12 hours to Seattle to watch Fitz****ingmagic. What a kick in the nuts.
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    new staff to correct
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    Kansas City is slightly overrated.. much better than last year, but not an elite team by any means. They're about even with us, and they haven't played ANYBODY yet. Undefeated teams are due for an upset, and we can get it done even with Fitzpatrick. Our D will do all the dirty work... this game is very winnable. They will be in for a surprise come Sunday.

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    Yea but still... They don't seen to be turning the ball over as much. Speaking of the Bills, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the Ravens losing to them.

    ******* Baltimore only ran the ball NINE times in that game. Yes. 9 rushes. Only 2 run plays were called in the second half.

    Is Cam Cameron still their OC? My God that is awful play calling. And look how close to the score was. It's not like there was a reason to abandon the run - especially against a team that let Bilal Powell rush for 152 yards the week before.

    Hilarious how bad the Ravens are now though. I love it.
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    The Chiefs have a lot of talent and they have won games in the same fashion we have, strong defense, creating turnovers, strong run game and a QB who plays it smart. Smith is also a bit like Fitz in that he tends to throw more underneath stuff.

    We need to contain Charles because he alone can make the big plays for them. Give him a crease and take a bad angle (and yes Im talking to YOU Michael Griffin) and he's gone! We can not let him run wild. I think you'll also see us do what other teams didn't do in clamping down on the shorter patterns (like Verner on Holmes at the sticks INT) and force Smith to challenge us deep. have to be careful with Bowe, but throwing deep is not Smith's forte. Also, clamping down on the underneath stuff prevents him from getting rid of the ball on 3 step drops and will give us a chance to pressure him and hit him! The other player to be concerned about is McCluster who can make a big play on special teams in an instant!

    Fitz needs to be safe with the football and try to limit turnovers. I think our defense can get us 1 or more but we need to get a ground game going in this game to win TOP to protect our D. They can't be out there all game and expect to contain Charles and co. Keep our guys fresh and we will have a great chance to win.

    Plus, WE ARE AT HOME!!!! PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    As a note to everyone...there is now a smack thread for the game up top. Use it.
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    Welcome to our site. Your team has looked very good. Don't get it twisted though, the Cheifs have not played a team nearly as physical as the Titans. We "bring it" this year. Should be a good game. Let's hope for an injury free exciting game.