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    Every team in the NFL would happen to disagree.
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    Mason - although he was a donks arse did in fact have a post Tennessee career too be proud of

    Babin - good riddance too that 9 technique fool

    Tulloch - who?

    Finnegan - juries still out but the lambs are in no better position than the Titans

    Laaggaarreettee - Hes ok for a scrub BU. Would look much better in 2 tone blue

    Rolle - Decent post Tennessee career

    You left off quite a few - McMVP (1 good year), EG (zip), Kearse (1 year), fat Albert (zip) and numerous others that have bounced around The League but gave the Titans zero reason for regret.

    Mason and Rolle were Floyd Reese CAP casualities not market driven willing releases
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