Texans fare well on Battle Red Day

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky HOUSTON -- When I spoke to Matt Schaub last week, I was sure to ask him about Battle Red Day.

    The Texans play up the day or two each season when they wear their red jerseys and ask their fans to dress to match. Tonight it coincides with the franchise's first appearance on Monday Night Football.

    It seems a little hokey from afar, I said, but there really does seem to be something to it, doesn't there?

    "I guess so," he said with a laugh. "It's only my second go around with the Battle Red. But apparently the Texans organization has fared pretty well with it. Again, it's just a uniform, we still have to execute and play good football to play and to win. I guess there is a little something to it, but we'll see.

    The Texans are 6-2 on Battle Red Day, 3-1 against Jacksonville.

    Last year was the first time they went beyond red jerseys to all red uniforms for the occasion.

    "I think it's a good changeup, I like the red jersey," Schaub said. "It's lot of red, I'll tell you that: the red pants, the red socks, the red shoes. It's a lot of red. We're just going to roll with it and see how things go."

    We won't know until tonight if Schaub, still recovering from a knee injury suffered against Minnesota, will dress as the No. 2 quarterback. Coach Gary Kubiak has said Sage Rosenfels will start.

    Owner Bob McNair is a fan of the Battle Red theme.

    "I think it's fun, the players like it, they always like something that's a little different, a little change here and there," he said. "And we always play well on Battle Red day and also Jacksonville hates it. It's fun, it's a little different and some players like those colors better than our traditional colors."

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