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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Oceanic815, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Hello Titans, I see some of my Texan brothers have been having some fun with you guys, oh well what can I say. Want to wish you guys luck this coming weekend its obvious you going to need all you can get now that we have finally returned from preseason late last night. Almost took too long to do it but like one of your own brothers said, once we made adjustments and decided to start hitting back it pretty much wasnt a contest. I would think not having much to play for you guys would know being in the same situation as the chargers how much easier its is to play when you dont have a target on your back like the Texans do. The best part of this weekends game is we always get up to play the Titans so I dont see a 2 quarter head start this weekend like the chargers received. I am just glad Andre doesnt have someone on the otherside he hates like in games past to beat up and get kicked out. I love watching him running across the middle racking up the YAC. Anyways your team seems to be going in the right direction just might take a couple more years before anything big is expected. Trust me I can sympathize when they were here we all had to be patient or as much as we could be knowing BUTT ADAMS was still the owner. Any way nice to meet everyone enjoy your week of nerves leading up to Sunday!
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