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  1. 2003, 2004, and already 2005 to all finally pay off in 2006. Better late than never. Look out in camp and watch the parity of the NFL take its turn in Titans Country. If so, that would render an earhquake in the midst of AFC South Territory.
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    Olson and hopkins...

    I can't disagree with much of what star wrote but i don't think we will cut loose both those guys. Seeing that we will not likely go o-line in rd 1 and maybe not in rd 2 either with so many other needs it might be too traumatic to lose 40% of our line. Bell was in camp from the beginning and while his acl from 2004 limited him in the beginning he must have worked through it by late season. Still he played little and both our rookie lineman didn't get on the field. Hard to tell what we may be getting.

    In star's scenario we could be losing both starting safeties, 2/3 of our linebackers, our backup RB, one of our top QBs and 40-60%% of our o-line. That's a lot of changes.

    My guess is that we will come to terms with tank and find a way to keep olson. Hopkins is a problem because even if we cut him he will cost us over $6M against the cap. But what do we do? Can't keep him at his current price tag and he is at best average at this stage of his career.

    It all depends on mcnair. Assuming we can come to terms that will cost us $8-9M less against the cap we can then trade volek hopefully for a third rd pick which could bring us help at safety, linebacker or o-line.

    I don't want huge changes made to this team. I sincerely believe that at least 50% of our problems last season were attitude. We had a bunch of guys who didn't believe we could win, didn't believe in each other and didn't give 110%. Inexperience at some postions also factored in no question especially at WR and CB and we had many guys coming off of acls. An attitude change, the years experience in our first and second year players, some improvement from our acl guys like bell, tank and calico can make us 5 games better. I sincerely believe that. Sure we need to improve athletically at certain positions and we have players making more money than they are worth so some changes need to be made but star's scenario scares me a little.
  3. Losing both safeties is what I call an upgrade...

    As for the rest, I did suggest keeping Sirmon and only changing 1 LB spot. On the Oline, we all know they played badly last year, so why not make wholesale changes?

    I'd say keeping Hopkins is far more likely than Olson. For 1, Bell is a proven player who can replace Olson. Stewart is unproven (even if the coaches do like him), and he'd have to start at RT when Roos moves to LT.

    Also, Hopkins' kids are in Nashville (his ex-wife lives here) so he has incentive to take a paycut to stick around. Olson has no such incentive to take less money to remain a Titan.
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    The problem with keeping hopkins and letting olson go is that hopkins is entering his 14th season and olson his 9th. Olson still has a good 4 prime years left and hopkins is already past that.
  6. I don't want to keep either for what it's worth.

    But the difference is that Olson is easily replaceable. They shouldn't keep Bell sitting on the bench because he played very well even as a rookie. They can't afford to pay Olson and they'd be stupid to keep him around, even at a somewhat lower salary, when someone arguably just as good (but younger and cheaper) is able to replace him immediately.

    Also, Hopkins is more likely to take a big paycut and stay than Olson. It's not just a choice of the team.
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    This attitude situation has its roots in the hiring of Jim Schwartz. Every year since SGWB was placed in the DC role by Fisher the aggressiveness of the D has lessened. He publicly states the Manning CANNOT BE BLITZED for cryin' out loud. Until Schwartz is removed an attitude adjustment is just wishful thinking.
  8. Sounds like the cap will be $95M this year. That would give us (an everyone else) an extra $2M to spend over my projections.
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    I am with you 100%. Look what the Steelers did to him in the Playoffs. I only wish we could get Greg Williams back.
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    Who wouldn't want Gregg back?....too bad it'll never happen. He's gonna be the Skins HC whenever Gibbs hangs em up for good. No way you turn that down to be a DC. He's already being paid as much as a HC now anyway.
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