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    By this statement I'm assuming you didn't watch our O-line against good defenses last year did you?
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    Read the 2nd paragraph and you will understand that I said maybe the FO didn't think the OL was too much of a concern, being that it was Bruce's 1st year with the team.
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    that just makes the FO seem as stupid as I think they are
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    I started this thread after week 1 and its the most truthful post I've ever made. I keep thinking how I know I could do a better job drafting than this front office. Who is the guy on here that keeps saying this also?
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    I agree that we need some OL, it's pretty obvious. But look who we took instead:

    Kendall Wright: Leading our team in Rec, tied for TDs, and 40 yards away from leading in rec yards. He's had a couple of drops, but he's showing legit potential to be our future #1 Steve Smith (CAR) style.

    Zach Brown: 30 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 FF in very limited time. Played w/ McCarthy was out, special teams, and special packages. Next year he'll likely start (Spoon is a FA and likely won't be resigned). However, Peter Konz, Vinny Curry, Kelechi Osemele, or Josh LeRibeus would of been better selections.

    Mike Martin: Marks looks good this year, but it's his contract year.. so I question why he sucked the last 091851 years. Martin will eventually be our #2 DT paired up w/ Casey.

    We went for BPA and not need. What I wish we would of done:

    1st: Harrison Smith 2nd: Peter Konz 3rd: T.Y. Hilton

    Now we'd have a legit safety, Smith is so underrated. Konz would be starting center and I think Velasco would be starting over LeRoy at guard. T.Y. Hilton would be in Kendall Wrights role... but oh well.
  6. nickmsmith

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    I think we should have drafted, in no particular order:

    Everyone BUT WR, KR, and TE. If KW were picked on a complete team like the Texans, Patriots, he would have probably been a good pick. The powers that be of the TItans did not see this collapse coming, clearly.
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