Team needs to find a new QB ASAP

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    It wasn't the greatest throw but wasn't as terrible as people are making it out to be either. Nate could've brought that in.

    Worst INT of the game actually came from the 5-0 Chiefs Alex Smith.
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    I think it's likely more a matter of Freeman not wanting to come here than it is us not being interested. When Locker gets back in a couple weeks Freeman would be a #2 AT BEST, more likely the #3. There are much better situations out there for him.
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    Fitzpatrick is an above average backup, but he's not Locker. If he was, he would've been our starter. I don't think we should run him out of town just yet.

    I don't think people had realistic expectations for him, honestly. He played well enough for us to win today, that's for sure. He had many bad throws, but the receivers have got to catch the ball for him like they do for Locker. This is the NFL, after all. Receivers are paid to catch a football, so that's what they need to do for whoever's in at quarterback.

    Fitz's backs and receivers did not do a lot to help him out in crunch time, and that is what cost us the game.
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    That was a nice throw to Britt in the end one for a touchdown but wait one must catch the ball first. That's not on Fitz. He played better than I thought. Considering no running game and we still had chance to win the game.
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    Team needs to abandon the run because it's a wasted down until the bull Shon Green comes back
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    Chiefs front 7 good. Rob Turner was destroyed MULTIPLE times. CJ went fetal because he can't power something out of nothing. Gameplan frickin' ridiculous. Bruce Matthews unit continues to decline in performance.

    There us way too much in-bred Oilers coaching this team. It's just not going yo change without a change.
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    how are we going to blame it on fitz?

    The first play was another titans special teams massive F-UP.

    The play calling is AWFUL. Just keep slamming rbs up the gut!

    Throw the fade to Kenny! He catches everything!

    I'm back to loathing this team. Screw Munchak. Our season has reached its high point I hope everyone realizes that. Whether Locker is healthy or not. Screw these f'n coaches.
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    Fitz did better than I thought he would. Some throws were off target, but should have been caught. A couple sailed and the deep ball looked bad for whatever reason, possibly receiver was held up or timing was off.

    its got to be a little disheartening when someone kicks a football the wrong direction for a score for the other team.Seemed like our offense could not stop the run when needed. Refs need to call things on both sides. I did not think there was any way there would be a foul called for knocking the QB out of bounds. Everything looked legit to me.

    Besides the interceptions, one deflected and a defended in the perfect spot to catch it and another that was behind the receiver and taken away.

    Two throws dropped in the end zone on consecutive plays? Fitz was probably wondering who was ever going to catch a pass.

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs

    A. Smith 20 39 245 0
    Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
    J. Charles 22 108 4.9 1
    A. Smith 3 10 3.3 0
    Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
    D. Avery 3 91 30.3 0
    S. McGrath 4 54 13.5 0

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs

    R. Fitzpatrick 21 41 247 1

    Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs

    R. Fitzpatrick 6 50 8.3 1
    J. Battle 6 38 6.3 0

    Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
    K. Wright 6 74 12.3 0
    C. Johnson 4 63 15.8 1

    Fitz and Smith had similar stats. It was a lose game , considering a back up QB and the non help on rushing. Fitz is not great but I don't think he lost it for us. There are too many other instances that would have changed the outcome for fitz to gt all the blame.
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    Pick 6 for Schaub again.. Wow
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