Team needs to find a new QB ASAP

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Maker_84, Oct 6, 2013.

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    I like Fitz over any other option out there including Freeman who is not an option any longer.

    Yes the 2 ints cost us and they were behind the receivers and the defenders made great plays.

    Honestly we can look at numerous things that cost us that game.

    Our running game is horrible except for one play. We had numerous drops including in the end zone. Our defense couldn't get the stops we needed. The 94 yard drive for 3 points also hurt.

    I didn't like the play call on 4th down at the goaline. I would have rather have just taken the field goal. Getting no points really hurt.
  2. RollTide

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    Fitz's mistakes and slow start obviously helped to lose the game but he did some very good things that almost helped us win.

    He ran for 50 yards including one really big first down and a really big TD run.

    The play to CJ, taking a potential sack and turning it into a big play.

    He played with the fire and determination that Jake locker plays with but he made some mistakes that really hurt we can't deny that.
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  3. RollTide

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    Did you even look at Freeman's stats for this year? Horrible! He is declining as a player!

    45% comp rate

    6.1 yards per attempt

    2 TDs and 3 ints

    59 rating

    WTF are you looking at? He had one par season in his whole career and has only gone down hill since.
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    If you've read up on Josh and the crappy situation he was in, you'd know more than 'reading the stat line,' buddy. An article came out really talking about his situation. He was in a very complicated offense that was not suited to his skill set or that of the players around him (sound familiar?)

    When I read that article, I felt I was reading EXACTLY what Palmer was trying to do to Jake.

    I'll look for it, but this was a while ago....
  5. RollTide

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    Is that why he sucked for 3 straight years?

    What about the ADHD? Oh you didn't research that one? The failed drug test, ritalin? No he does not take that for his adhd he takes adderall and has an exemption for that so why was he positive for ritalin?

    So if Peyton Manning was in Tampa he would have a 59 passing rating also? 1 good season out of 5 is not good.
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    Fitzpatrick Obviously , Lousy Offensive Playcalling , Crap Refs , Lousy Interior Line , Kenny Britt's lack of production , Chris Johnson's lack of production , Questions over Reynaud ......

    If Fitzpatrick gets twelve pages under the bus , how many pages will there be elsewhere on all the other holes in the swiss cheese that lined up yesterday ?

    Fitz was very poor but yesterday was not a one man show folks , its too easy a target . The fact that Russell of all people and Freeman are being bandied about on here like they are second coming of Joe Montana only cheapens the thread further.

    Yesterday the defense kept us in it and are streets ahead of where they were last year whereby the Offense continues to stink and looks to have regressed from last year even when Locker is out there with his bag of miracle drives.
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    If we had a running game Fitz wouldn't be nearly as bad. Reality is there is probably nobody who could fill in at qb on short notice and be much of an upgrade, so lets fix the damn running game. If Green is gonna miss games( I have no clue when he comes back) then let's trade for or pick up another back who runs tough with quick feet, something. I like Cj but I'm not sure if he should be toting it all the time , basically I guess Green just needs to come back, when the fu@k does he come back?
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    My reaction to that game killing interception

  10. Dman

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    after that pic I just went and got my bottle of Jack. Helped a little bit but nothing takes off a loss completely
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