Tatum Bell?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanbuoy, Mar 10, 2007.

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    I bet our target as far as getting a compliment back is first to resign Brown, and then get Booker out of the draft. Booker is exactly what Chow's offense calls for, hate to use this phrase, but he will be the Bush in the offense. As a matter of fact when Booker was being recruited as one of the biggest #1 prospects ever he chose FSU over USC where many people believe he would have been Reggie Bush before Reggie Bush in Chow's offense. FSU is right now known for destroying great RB's because of the scheme and oline. Booker has potential, and I agree with Jamie Dukes of NFL Network when he says Booker could be a poor man's Bush...
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    I'm a touch skeptical about Tatum Bell. He could be one of the Broncos system backs. That being said, if the price is right (read: cheap) then it's worth taking a shot.
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    Tatum bell is not available. Why are we still discussing this? The lions just traded for him and that is that. They are not "shopping him".

    If anything it is one of those other backs who would be available save calhoun and duckett. Bell and calhoun are ideal for that offense, jones is damaged goods and nobody could care less about bryson. If cason is a guy we can use let's discuss him but bell had a thousand yards last year he isn't some bum. It looks to me that they will want to go with bell and calhoun with duckett as a short yardage guy.
Thread Status:
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