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    Three takeaways from the Titans-Chiefs game:

    Use Williams: When Kenny Britt sat out last week with an injury, Damian Williams put together his best game of the season (five receptions for 53 yards). But with Britt back and the Titans again trying to get the ball to him, Williams virtually disappeared against the Chiefs. He was targeted twice with one catch for four yards. Since he’s a second-teamer, Williams has probably practiced with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick this year as much as any wideout. It only makes sense to get Williams more involved.

    No time to dwell: The Titans can’t afford to brood over a difficult home loss, not with perhaps the toughest game on the schedule coming up. The Seahawks are unbeaten in 10 straight home games dating back to their 2011 finale, and CenturyLink Field is not a place where offenses go to get well. Prior to Sunday’s loss in Indianapolis, Seattle had the fourth-ranked overall defense and the fourth-ranked passing defense.

    Time for another rookie?: The Titans had another rookie make his debut on Sunday, when defensive end Lavar Edwards, a fifth-round pick, was activated. He finished with three tackles and made a big pass-block, knocking down a third-down attempt from the Tennessee 15 that forced the Chiefs to kick a field goal. Should center Brian Schwenke be the next rookie to see action? Coach Mike Munchak likes to develop chemistry among his linemen, but the interior has struggled.

    And here are three from columnist David Climer …

    Not so special: The Titans used to gain an edge with their special teams play. Now the kicking game is a liability. The Titans spotted Pittsburgh a 2-0 lead with a safety on the opening kickoff in Week 1. Against Kansas City, return man Darius Reynaud failed to come up and field a short Dustin Colquitt punt and the ball glanced off teammate Damian Williams. Marcus Cooper recovered in the end zone for a Chiefs touchdown.

    Running threat: It will be interesting to see if upcoming opponents allow Ryan Fitzpatrick to scramble as effectively as he did against the Chiefs. When all else failed — and just about all else did fail in the first half — Fitzpatrick used his feet to make big plays. His 26-yard scramble on the second play of the third quarter breathed some life into an offense that previously had been stagnant. Look for the Seahawks to tighten up their pass rush lanes next Sunday.

    Absent wideout: This is a contract year for Kenny Britt but it’s looking like he’s going get fewer and fewer opportunities to showcase his ability for other NFL teams. As the fourth quarter of the Kansas City game wore on, he found himself on the bench with rookie Justin Hunter in the game. Since Kansas City’s cornerbacks play a lot of man-to-man coverage, it should have been a game where Britt excelled. Instead, he was a non-factor.

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  2. 5tweezyPOT

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    so many takeaways....so little time
  3. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    • We miss Jake
    • Britt sucks and should ride the pine until an injury, FOR REAL, he SHOULD NOT SEE the field unless we lose a wideout (or 2). Maybe that will bring the focus back to his seemingly untalented arse.
    • Ryan took shots at the end when we had 4 min and 3 TOs - it was time to dink and dunk. BIG MISTAKE by a vet QB. I felt he was trying to prove something (to the coaches? to the league?), he should have done much better.
    • RAY sucks donkey ****. He is only a decent returner (at best) and a horrible decision maker. He needs to F'in catch punts/kickoffs, that is the MAIN JOB believe it or not. He seemingly is always too scared and it costs us either field position or the rock. Also, when he does catch it, he makes it look so difficult - Marc, while also a decent returner, was an EXCELLENT DECISION MAKER. I miss that dude a lot....
    • D was excellent if you ask me. They gave the offense MULTIPLE chances to stay in the game, even though they were on the field for way too long. Most importantly, in the 4th QTR they gave them 4min and 3TO's, which is all you can really ask for.
    • Tommie is turning into a special teams ace. Every punt I see him streaking down the field, I'm happy he's finding a role in that position. While he isn't an NFL CB (yet?) I strongly believe he can continue to refine his game (for depth) while serving as a great ST player.
    • CJ is really weak, I can't believe Jackie broke a long run and CJ couldn't (please don't count that broken play TD for anything, Fitz was lucky to find him/get it out.)
    • I didn't agree with Dowell's goal-line calls at all....
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  4. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor


    Agree. I'd only add that all coaching except on D was putrid.

    Choosing Raynaud over Mariani is proving costly.
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