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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by fitantitans, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. fitantitans

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    I kind of agree with Denver and New York, why can't they host the Super Bowl? As far as I'm concerned, snow, cold weather and football go together. Are they thinking that noone would show up? Are they thinking that the sponsers won't pay 2.4 million for a commercial shot?
    Fair is fair. If the stadium is large enough and the city has everything in place that it needs to meet the NFL guidelines, why not? The only difference is snow vs. sunblock. Personally, I would go to a Super Bowl game if it was in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, where ever.
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Well. If New York gets it and all goes well and then it's back to San Diego...
    THAT'S BS. Then Denver or Cinci should get a shot. I agree. But if the Manhatten Project becomes a logistical nightmare... then maybe they should stick with the traditions. Afterall, this is really for the players. This is their pie in the sky dream. Let them enjoy media day in the sun.
  3. Sunshine

    Sunshine Camp Fodder

    Most attendees at Super Bowls are not fans of the teams that are playing, so they are more interested in being comfortable in a warm or climate-controlled environment. I would be surprised if Jacksonville or Detroit get another Super Bowl; their owners were more or less given one to repay them for building a new stadium.

    I agree with you, but it'll never happen.
  4. skitch

    skitch Shut Up and Play Ball!

    409's not like many of us have a shot to go to a SB. I saw a breakdown last year of how the tickets were allocated....the 2 teams (players)....every team....league was something like 85% of the tickets.
    Then if you do find yourself on the lucky end of a lottery, face value starts at something like $650.
  5. skitch

    skitch Shut Up and Play Ball!

    I heard Peter(head) King on HBO talking about how if a city builds a nice enough stadium, the NFL will reward them with a SuperBowl. He also said that Miami was providing EVERY NFL owner with a 100ft+ Yacht to use for the entire week of the SB next year. I believe the city is picking up that tab.

    Cities will pay whatever they have to....because it brings in so much revenue to the city. On a much smaller scale, something similar went on in the industry I am in with a big annual trade show. The organiziing body (supposedly a NON-PROFIT organization) decided to move it despite the industry uproar. They made tons of BS excuses and reasons. Turns out, the new "host city" gave all kinds of concessions AND wrote the organization a check....literally, to bring the show to their city.
    It's all about the $bejamins$!
  6. GoTitans3801

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    Yeah, no joke, I was living in New Orleans and working in the french quarter the last time they hosted the super bowl (pats/rams)... It's amazing the amount of money people spend, and it's not just the weekend, the city gets a huge crowd the whole week. There was a little antique shop down the street, and the guy said he brought in over 1 million dollars worth of extra stuff, and sold it all. The revenues are AMAZING...
  7. avvie

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    I'd like one in Charlotte :brow:
    I could offer Taggyboo a block of government cheese.
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