Summation of all threads comes down to one thing

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by razordaman, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Personnel....we need to look at who is evaluating personnel and making those decisions. That's the heart of what's been wrong with this organization for a long time now... Why don't we have a no kidding kick returner, why are we sacrificing our receivers and asking them to do something they aren't ready for? Where is Reyald o yeah unemployed. Where is turner? not even second string now and he was the starter? Where is Britt, not on the field...why can't Fitz led this team? Why did Hawkins last so long on our team and yet he couldn't make any other team? Why do we have two rookies starting OL? Didn't anyone realize Womack has 0 speed to get to the second level and can't pull? We can go back to the Andre Woolfolks, and all the other 1st/2nd round picks that didn't even make it after we cut them, there is a list of these scrubs! Why don't we have a LB that's above average on this team? All of this comes back to one thing...personnel evaluation. Whoever is deciding on these players should be fired right now. I can easily generate a report with 30 some names on it over the last 5 years that would make anyone see the obvious. It has to start within the organization, they have to want quality and demand perfection and be willing to pay for it....this paying for below average talent and getting cheap deals, then hoping the draft will win games is making them money but hopefully it can run them out of Nashville also.....
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    I'm still happy with Webster. The reality is that we're still a couple years and a decent qb away from a very good team. I just thought we were much closer.
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    Summation of all threads comes down to one thing


    That we need more threads?
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    Did we not just spend $130+ million? Most all of those free agents were overpaid.

    That's why, this year, there were going to be no more excuses for Munch. What more could they have done in the off-season? You could argue that the organization chose the wrong players; if that's the case there needs to be a complete overhaul, FO and Coaching staff. However, I think Ruston Webster is the best thing this team has going for it.
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    The reality is that it was a swing and a miss with Locker and Munch. That itself isn't so bad except the process in which he was hired screamed of nepotism. The fans deserved better. We would have been to the playoffs by now like the 49ers if we had a legitimate search. And don't anybody feed any BS about Fisher wasn't fired before other teams searches were underway. That was by design to make "hand-off" more palatable to the unsuspecting fan base.
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    did somebody say more threads!?
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    Moaaar.... We need a Marcus Pollard thread too. Like 4 of them actually.
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    Its looking like were pretty set to be a playoff team, just need a pass rusher and QB. Easy right...
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    Munchak had the job before Fisher left the building. They didn't try to find the best guy for the job, the state the team is in now shouldn't be a surprise.
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