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    Stephen Hill is the rawest a player could possibly be coming out of an automatic qualifier. He doesn't know how to run the whole route tree proficiently, he has shaky hands and he got A LOT of single coverage because of playing in a triple option offense.

    You'll be taking a guy who you'll have to totally rebuild the foundation of his game in order for him to be successful. It's definitely a risk and I don't think there's any way you could make the argument he's the 20th best football player in the draft.
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    Freakish athlete, yes. But with bad hands. You can't overcome that problem in the pros.
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    I think the highest I've seen him mocked was 19th. He's very raw and a risk but I have a good feeling about him. Now being reasonable I wouldn't take him in the 1st but I think I'm one of the few that actually really likes him.
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    I'm sure Hill is going to be a risk pick for anyone in the 1st round but at the same time this kid his tremendous upside and he could be a bigger version of Mike Wallace when it is all said and done.

    Mayock really likes the way he is a hands catcher and he is right. Mayock is really impressed at how "natural" Hill catches the ball. Mayock also said Hill was "really good" at coming in and out of his breaks at his pro day.

    Now with what Mayock said add the fact that Hill is 6'4, 215 pounds, has a vertical of just short of 40 inches, broad jumps over 11 feet and while I've seen numerous sites bashing his poor shuttle time of 4.48 why isn't anyone saying anything about his 6.88 3-cone which isn't that bad for a 6'4 guy? That is top 10 and better than Wright and Adams and CBs Claiborne and Jenkins.

    But the best part is his listed 10 yd split is 1.2. The fastest ever recorded previously was CJ's 1.4. These facts can't be overlooked. The kid can take the top off the defense. No doubt about it. When you consider he had 820 yards of production at Ga Tech that is actually great for a team that only passes the ball about 5 times a game.
    It is understandable that the kid is raw. I wonder if Ga Tech even employs a true WR coach. They probably have to bring in an intramural QB just to get someone to throw the whole route tree (I kid not, QB Eric Ward, who used to play for the University of Richmond and was brought in for the school’s pro day). As a bonus Hill is a real good blocker since that is what Tech has their WRs do more of than anything but still a nice attribute for an NFL WR to have.
    Hill has been working with Terance Mathis on his rout running according to Gil Brandt and Brandt called his pro day workout "fantastic".
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    As a Georgia Tech fan, this guy was widely consider a bum until that UNC catch, then he became the next Megatron/Demariyus Thomas.
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    He wont be there at 20. The Raiders will have traded their 2018 and 2019 1st round picks to move up and take him.
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    Al Davis is dead by the way.

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    Doesn't matter, they're still years away from recovering.
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    I don't trust any receiver who played in an offensive system that threw the ball 4 times a game.