Steelers Meltdown Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. The Playmaker

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    Figured every time we win (hopefully many more) we can create a thread filled with the best comments from the opposing fans.

    Such a happy day for Steelers fans:

    "Oh man...I'm so giddy. I have no idea what to expect this season."

    "My prediction: Steelers stomp a mudhole in their butts and then walk it dry."

    "Fact is: The Tennessee Titans have been an irrelevant franchise since thrashing our towel 5 seasons ago. Kick the trash talk up a notch or you'll be eaten alive faster than the Titans crumble to the consistency of a bottomless pit."

    "Last year? **** last year Heinz Field is going to be an ANGRY place"

    "Our offense will look like the Broncos Thursday night. But in all seriousness our offense will shine in this game."

    So it begins:

    "There's finally a special teams more "special" than ours"

    "I can't believe football is back and I'm experiencing heart palpitations already."

    "What's with this P'tui Tua...Sounds like someone firing a loogie or hocker"


    "Weeden has 3 interceptions in the first half, so cheer up guys"

    "We're getting our lunch money stolen at the line. No, we are giving it to them willingly and our virginity to go with it"

    "Bill Cowher's mascara can coach better than this"

    "Poll question. What is more unwatchable? Snooki from Jersey Shore giving 8 hour lecture on theoretical physics or Steelers offense?"

    "New 2013 Slogan: At least we're better than Cleveland, probably."

    "On the bright side, it's unlimited shrimp at Red Lobster"

    "Watch out, Titans stomp on your head if you lose your helmet."

    "Just woke up. Took a quick look at the 1st half recap, foud out Pouncey is out, Decastro is a d!ck, Redman is a scrub, Haley is a ****ing idiot...and I am now proceeding to get piss drunk at an inappropriate time of the day"

    "I'm not looking forward to what happens when we play a real team."

    "I am watching an abortion in progress"

    "Eh, I finished my pizza rolls and have nothing to live for"

    "Warmack better than entire Steeler OL...combined"

    "We are the Jaguars of the afc north, so there's that"

    "The Titans accidentally scored more points for the Steelers than they did"

    And now post game:

    "The good news: Jarvis Jones looks good, Troy Polamalu looks good, it's not raining outside, I've got beer"

    "So did we blow a first rounder on a medical stretcher mainstay?"

    "Pretty bad when the Jets score 18 points and the Steelers struggle to score ANY points at all"

    "I am sure some NFL team's offense looked worse in the last 40 years, I just can't remember one."

    "Excellent effort by the Steelers! Now tied for 1st in the AFC North!"

    "Maybe Bane should blow up Heinz Field..."

    "Titans sucked but Steelers sucked more. No way the Titans make the playoffs."

    Feel free to add whatever you find. I enjoyed drinking their tears for over an hour while searching for some quotes.
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    Haha love it.
  4. Chance9

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    lol steeler fans a so pathetic, they just can't seem to realize they are a bunch of overrated douchebags. There line is sh** there rbs are nobody's and they call two of the biggest mutts in football their stars in roethlisburger and polamolu
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  5. CJtheBeast

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    I'm still kinda shocked at how we dominated them. I thought we had the talent to do it, and that the combo of Gray/Williams might help this year, but didn't expect things to come together like that.

    I was checking their boards throughout the week and all of them were overlooking us. We beat them in about the best way. Shut them out at home after giving them points.
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  6. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    I tried to find mostly funny ones but after so many fire Tomlin posts or posts not giving the Titans any credit this was all I could find. I would imagine if we beat the Texans next Sunday we'll see a lot more entertaining quotes.
  7. Titanup1982

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    Where is Willard's kinfolk when you need him?
  8. Anthony4Titans

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    I liked the one that said "We just lost to another losing team." Um, one win and no losses translates into a losing team I guess.

    We've been beating them a lot lately but somehow we are nearly always a horrible team. Makes perfect sense. That must mean their pompous asses are massively overrated.
  9. ArthurLujan

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    Haha, Bane comment was gold jerry!
  10. Alzarius

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    Should do one big "losing thread" too and keep our best ones there. Then at the end of the year we can compare. I doubt TJ will give out a "Whiny fan" award, but could still be fun.
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