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    I agree. Coaches can scheme, and yell, and teach all they want but at the end of the day what decidec games are plays that players make of fail to make on the field period.
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    The thing is, thats how most teams are.

    THe most common margins of victory are 3 and 7 points

    Followed by 10. If you look at the chart, its pretty damning. Less than 25 percent of the games won are won by a margin over 10 points per game (which includes a lot of good teams dominating bad teams every season)

    The difference between the teams that win, and the teams that lose, are those player decisions/drops/fumbles.

    BS calls I can agree with but holy freaking ****.... we were pounded with BS calls this season.

    We are not on the level of some of the playoff teams, by any means. However I did think we were moving in the right direction, regardless of our record. This is one of the main reasons why I wasnt as harsh on Munch, but also understand that overall record is important.

    This staff kept us in all but one game this season and when you go and look at them, player mistakes, and not playcalling/bad coaching is why we lost most, if not all of them.

    I really hope we get a "top" head coach, because I dont want to replace an average HC with another average HC, especially after believing that the plan was working, even if it was slower than I liked.
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    With the talent level we had on this team the margin of error in every game was much smaller than other teams. Yes other teams face adversity and make mistakes but their margin of error is much greater due to how talented they are. For the type of team we were we just had to many player errors and bad calls for our talent level to overcome. I know people want to find a reason for why it's on the coaches but it's really that simple.
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